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Online Dictionaries That Will Help You to Write the Best Paper

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It happens every now and then that we don’t have enough time to work on our papers at the library, using all the dictionaries we can find to “polish” our writing. It’s much easier at times to stay at home or even sit in a cafe and work there, but you normally cannot take all the necessary books with you, so that it’s more difficult to write a good essay or course paper. Free online dictionaries will help you out!

Collins Dictionary

Collins Dictionary claims to be “the home of living English” and contains more than 722,000 words, meanings and phrases, which sounds quite impressive. Here you can find both British and American English and such foreign languages as German, French, Spanish, Italian and even Chinese. This dictionary shows transcription (you have an opportunity to listen to the right pronunciation of the word), all the existing and archaic meanings, a word frequency and word origin, examples of usage and synonyms, and even translation into a few languages. If you are in need of thesaurus or translator, you will also find them in Collins.

Oxford Dictionaries

The creators offer you to get acquainted with all the definitions of the word, phrases, and phrasal verbs, which contain this word. This dictionary may be a helping hand for those, who write poems, since it offers you a number of rhymes for the word you work with. There is also a dictionary of synonyms, if you need to find a proper word. In addition to that, Oxford Dictionaries have a Grammar section with not only grammar, punctuation and spelling rules, but useful tips for writing various kinds of papers. Finally, you can just enjoy reading their nice blog on language and literature.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus

It allows you to acquaint yourself with almost the same set of options as the previous one, plus special section with the definitions for kids, if it is needed. If you have some free time, you are welcome to watch their videos or play games and quizes with the words.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

These dictionaries consist of the English dictionary itself, thesaurus and translation into 18 languages (from German to Vietnamese). There you can get to know the definitions of the word, examples of usage, phrasal verbs, idioms with it and grammar rules for needed word in a separate section.

Longman English Dictionary Online

There you will find not only all the meanings of the word, but all possible prepositions it can be used with. The searching results are sorted according to topics, so you will always find the word you need.

The Free Dictionary

The most crucial thing about this one is that it includes legal, financial, medical dictionaries, thesaurus, and encyclopedia, and which is the most important, dictionary of British and American idioms. This online dictionary can make your research easier, in case you need to find the words on a certain topic.

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