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The Law of Gravity: Why Our Life Is a Law

Do you often come across some events that make you think that a life is a continuous range of ignobleness? Studying, deadlines are coming to you, your boyfriend or girlfriend is leaving you alone… Do you always happen to burn your omelet and stand in the shop line during a whole day? It isn’t a concurrence, you may be sure. If you wonder what to do when you seem to be drowning in this strange tough luck, catch a great opportunity to explore the reason!

World gravity

The Rule 1: «Similar Things Attract Each Other»

From the first sight, it is really a reasonable and understandable aspect. So, why do we often forget about this simple rule? It is the main point of the law of gravity. The matter is that the law of gravity works not only in physical sphere of life but also in any other one. It means that when you feel angry and irritated, for example, while standing in long line in a shop or in the library, tomorrow you may «accidentally» happen to stand in similar line (and even in a longer one). It is logical that you’ll be more and more cross about this, but lines in your life won’t disappear, they will be even more boring and unbearable. If not to tear the «tradition» and the type of your behavior, this «mad circle» will repeat and repeat consistently. Most people name this «A law of meanness», but actually we – but not the circumstances – are at fault and we have to take the responsibility for the accidents which are pursuing us. Maybe, a teacher shouted at you unfairly or you were bathed by the puddle water near your university, it doesn’t matter. Just because of thinking and feeling in the wrong way we jeopardize ourselves and attract unpleasant accidents, people and bad luck. Be sure that everything in your life comes to you because you attract this by your thinking and feeling powerful emotions.

The Rule 2: «Begin Your World with What You Think and Feel»

The fact that something unpleasant happens to you regularly reflects that you emit some irritating thoughts, have deep and strong negative emotions, and visualize the similar images. Why? Sometimes it happens unconsciously when we don’t control properly what we think and feel. Also, the nature of any human being is that we think and talk about regrettable things for hours, but at the same time we often may not notice a lot of positive aspects of life. The solution of this problem is quite simple: you have to do all things described in the first sentence of «The rule 2»! No, it isn’t a mistake. You really have to apply these methods in order to improve the quality of your life, but you have to realize it in a bit different way. Imagine you can gain a power over «three whales that are keeping the world from the falling». They are your Thoughts, Feelings, Visualization. Do you realize that you can use and manage them in any way you like?

The Rule 3: «Visualize Properly: The World is Inside Out»

You have to choose the thoughts in your head like clothes in your wardrobe. You have to pass your best thoughts through yourself and join them with your feelings, experience them strongly and honestly. You have to visualize what you like, whoever you would like to become or whatever to want to get. It isn’t relevant to restrain yourself in your wishes. Do you want to pass the examination period successfully? Ok. Would you like to become a president some day? You’re welcome! The best your weapon is combining the processes of active thinking, feeling and visualizing. Add to your in-head images bright hues, details to make them realistic because there is one more important thing: our brain doesn’t separate the things which we see from the things which we imagine. Consequently, our brain «is becoming sure» that all images we visualize are in our real world. As the universe always establishes the harmony in the world, gradually you’re getting your desired visualizations in reality! As you can notice, at first we imagine, and then we get! It is a golden rule, and now you’ve been armed with it. Isn’t it easy?

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