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Essay on Overpopulation: Possible Solutions

Overpopulation is typically characterized as a not desirable phenomenon, which means that the demands of the world’s population are exceeding the existing resources capacities. There are several factors that have a strong impact on overpopulation. First of all, it is the decrease of mortality rate, which is caused by technological and medical advancements. Secondly, the high immigration volumes to the developed countries trigger overpopulation in there. The previous factors result in precious sources, water and food reduction. Here are the possible ways to resolve the issue or ease the effects of overpopulation.

Solutions to the Issue of Overpopulation

  • Education is a proper way to solve a lot of problems nowadays. By providing people with access to the necessary knowledge from different spheres we can be sure of getting positive results shortly.
  • In the course of general education we should also include the sexual education. Letting children and teenagers know about birth control and family planning will be a basis for managing overpopulation in future. This part is exceptionally important to be taught at school as sometimes home sex education can fail due to the fact that parents feel uncomfortable talking about such things with their children.
  • The overpopulation has to be controlled legally. This can be done through the taxes restraining the number of children in the family. For example, parents that have one or two children only may pay less taxes than others.

Hints for Writing Cause and Effect Paper About Overpopulation

Cause and effect essay requires that the writer analyzes the topic in details and determines the factors which have caused it and the results which it brings. If your task is to write a paper on overpopulation, you can consider the following aspects.

Overpopulation Causes

  1. One of the global factors causing the population growth is technical advancement. Industrial revolution was a trigger that initiated a number of technical developments. They have made our life easier and even made our existence possible if we take into account the discovery of treatments for previously incurable diseases. Additionally, technology has made the labor easier and created an opportunity to produce more food and other products.
  2. For the reason of medical care advancement we have fertility treatment today, which provides almost every woman with an opportunity to have healthy children. Also, this allows women to control their pregnancies and keep them safe.
  3. A significant problem is also an improper family planning or its absence in some cultures and countries. Early marriages result in opportunity of having more children that causes the overpopulation.

Overpopulation Effects

  1. The most serious effect of population growth is constant reduction of natural resources. The tempo of resources renewal is much slower than the speed of population increasing. We should remember that the amount of the drinking water and food is also limited.
  2. Air pollution is an issue that is caused by overpopulation as well. People are possessing more vehicles nowadays, and it results in constant polluting of the atmosphere. This, in its turn, causes the global warming and environmental degradation.
  3. As more humans are born and grow up, they need more working places to earn for living. However, due to automatizing the labor more work can be done by less people. This leads to high unemployment rates and usually results in criminality quotient increase.

Some Handy Examples on How Overpopulation Is Controlled Today

Children in School

A really good essay should feature at least one factual example of the issue, which is discussed in it, or its solution, depending on what your essay is actually devoted to. So, when it comes to writing about some phenomena or processes which are now taking place in the current social or political life of the whole world, their topical illustrations just suggest themselves.

As the issue of overpopulation is unfortunately high on the agenda in most countries of Asia and Africa nowadays, it will not take much time to find some suitable examples of the ways their governments use to control the increase of local populace. In order to make the writing process more time-saving for you, here we have selected some interesting facts which will demonstrate what measures to solve the issue are taken now and how effective they can be considered.

Chinese Policies

The so-called one-child policy was implemented in 1979 due to the range of factors, and allowed couples to have one child only. The birth of the second baby could threaten a family with a fine, to say nothing of the possibility of abortion and sterilization. It was relaxed in 2013 letting millions of family couples to have a second child.

However, if you ask a Chinese about whether such “concession” on the government’s part still implies some restrictions or not, the dweller of Tianxia state (which means “the country under heaven”) will tell you: it is allowed to have a second baby provided that none of the spouses has siblings.

Child Spacing in Pakistan

In Pakistan, it is traditional to have many children in a family (a usual one may have 4 children). This makes the country encounter the highest birth rate in the South Asia, and therefore poses a serious challenge to its economics and social prosperity. In order to change the situation for the better, the government appeals to family couples, asking them to wait to have at least 3-year space between the children.

India Pays Cash Grands

The Indian government have decided to pay couples 5,000 rupees (that is slightly more than 100$) in order to encourage them to wait to have even the first baby. Some states have also introduced a regulation that disqualifies a person from holding public office if they have more than two children.

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