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Select a Costume for Halloween According to Your Temperament

Halloween is coming and this means that it is high time for parties with costumes. There are such a lot of characters to select, that most of us feel confused about choosing the most appropriate costume. Your costume should match your personality, so we offer you to make this choice based on your personal features and temperament.

Costume Party

Costume Suggestions for Different Types of Temperament

There are four main types of temperaments. Obviously, there is no person, who can have all the features that determine a particular type. Although we all represent the mix of different temperaments, a certain type of behavior still dominates.

  1. The Best Costumes for Choleric People

    Choleric people are emotional, active and wildcat. They tend to be extraverts as they are full of feelings they show to the surrounding people: either it is anger, sadness or extreme joy. To use this potential choleric people should better choose the bright images, so their behavior will be a good supplement to the chosen character. Among the suggestions there can be vampires, pirates (remember the Captain Jack Sparrow), witches (try to copy the typical witch’s laugh) etc.

    Captain Jack Sparrow
  2. Costumes Suitable for Phlegmatic People

    Phlegmatic people are stable and seem to be indifferent to the stresses they face. Nevertheless, they are calm and reasonable while reaching their aims. The people with a phlegmatic behavior are also less likely to express emotions or show off while having a mask of a certain character. Therefore, the best solution for such people will be to select an image of ghosts, zombies and different monsters. Their keeping silence will contribute to the better effect from the costumes.

  3. The Images Appropriate for the Sanguine Personalities

    Sanguine people have a good sense of humor. Therefore, Halloween is the best opportunity for them to have fun. To feel harmonically to joke at themselves and at others sanguine people should choose a costume of a good ghost. Actually, they can benefit from reviewing the “Scary Movie” and taking characters from there following the appropriate behavior. Some paradoxical choices will also work, such as a legendary Irish smith with a Pumpkin instead of his head. The characters from cartoons will be a good idea, such as Casper, or a girl from the “The Bride’s Corpse” etc.

  4. The Halloween Suggestions for Melancholics

    Melancholics are usually vulnerable emotional people, who tend to express sadness. They pay a lot of attention to self-analysis and thinking about life and loneliness. To match this personality type one should think over the images, which are silent but intriguing and thus expressing the potential danger. So, we can suggest a costume of a evil genius such as Professor Moriarty or Frankenstein. Also, an image of a maniac-killer will be a good one for melancholic people. Also, there is a image of an Edward Scissorhands, which is a variant for a friendly people.

    Edward Scissorhands

A Few Extra Tips for the Costume Selection

If you still don't feel that a certain costume is suitable for your particular case, here are a few ways to make up your mind:

  • Remember Your Favorite Films

    You may select a bright character from a certain scary movie you like.

  • Characters from Game

    If you are a gamer, you know a lot of characters. A cosplay will perfectly meet the Halloween costumes standards.

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