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Popular biology research topics.

The peculiarity of biology is that it contains a number of different branches in its scope and all of them can be considered as separate sciences. The feature that connects them is dealing with living organisms and life itself. Besides developing its own subdivisions, the biological science has numerous linkages with other disciplines and, thus, new pieces of knowledge are created, such as sociobiology (sociology and biology), biochemistry (biology and chemistry), biogeography (biology and geography) and a range of others. Our article will present you a number of topics for your research paper subdivided according to various aspects of biological study.

Topics about evolution.

  • Evolutionary theory history.
  • The earliest evolutionary theories.
  • The concepts about evolutions in ancient Greek writings.
  • Theories about organic evolution.
  • Aristotle and his theory of evolution.
  • The contribution of microscope invention to the theory of evolution.
  • Theory of evolution and Christian era.
  • The first presenters of evolutionary theories.
  • Darwinism and its influence on science development.
  • False interpreting of Darwinism.
  • Why is Darwin’s evolutionary theory not accepted by Christian fundamentalists?
  • The theories interpreting human evolution.
  • Should evolutionary theory be taught at school?
  • Evolutionary theories of today.
  • Biochemical evidence used in evolutionary theories.
  • How does molecular biology contribute to evolutionary theory?
  • The natural selection concept in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  • Evolution misunderstandings and misinterpreting.
  • The species origin: evolutionary explanations.
  • Novel behavior in evolution.

Topics about natural selection.

  • The importance of natural selection for evolutionary process.
  • Types of natural selection.
  • Sexual selection as one of the forms of natural selection in Darwin’s theory.
  • The meaning of artificial selection.
  • Philosophy of Darwinism.
  • Roles of organizations, chance and time in natural selection.
  • Natural population: selection processes.
  • Natural selection as a causal process in evolution.
  • Selection in neuronal group.
  • Are genes built up by natural selection?

Topics about sociobiology.

  • A research subject of social biology.
  • Evolutionary tendencies in animal world through social biology lens.
  • Altruistic behavior in social biology.
  • How does social biology explain social behavior of human beings?
  • The role of environmental influence in social behavior: sociobiological view.
  • How does sociobiology interpret crimes?
  • The psychology of evolution.

Topics about biochemical warfare.

  • Poison gas as biochemical weapon.
  • Biological weapons used in ancient times.
  • Biochemical weapons in the World War II.
  • Holocaust and biological weapons used.
  • How do lethal gases influence the human body?
  • Dissemination methods used for biochemistry warfare.
  • Acts prohibiting and regulating biochemical warfare.
  • The threat of new weapons: biochemical warfare.
  • The methods to defend yourself against biological and chemical attacks.
  • Passive and active defense against biological weapon.
  • Biological and chemical terrorism.
  • Biological and chemical weapons as mass destruction threat.
  • Bioterrorism and its methods.
  • Bioterrorism as threat to public health.
  • History of biological weapons invention.
  • The role of biosecurity nowadays.
  • How can we combat bioterrorism?
  • Possible consequences of biological terrorism and chemical weapons.

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