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"Gender” essay: topics list.

The concept of gender is usually defined as differences between men and women, which are determined socially. This notion should not be confused with sex differences that are shaped biologically; to a large extent, gender concept unites both social and sex differences between males and females in one notion. Factually, gender is an ambivalent structure, which is why having an essay topic about it you will be supposed to write about how men and women differ in a particular field. Check our topic list for your research.

Topics about gender differences.

  • Conflicts based on gender differences.
  • Competition between people of different genders.
  • Psychological dissimilarities of males and females.
  • Being equal and different: issues of gender stereotypes.
  • Does physical aggression depend on gender?
  • How does gender influence the person’s relationships?
  • Typical femininities and masculinities.
  • Gender differences in language inquisition.
  • Puberty and gender differences.
  • Does gender influence development of cognition processes?
  • Impact of gender on risk tolerance.
  • Academic achievement and ethics: differences based on gender.
  • The concepts of sex and gender: biological and sociological view.

Topics about gender differences in communication.

  • Communicative activity of men and women: similar and diverse features.
  • Does gender play role in the communication effectiveness?
  • Communication between difference sex representatives.
  • Verbal communication: gender differences.
  • Non-verbal communication: gender differences.
  • Gender and social psychology.
  • The communication styles of different genders.
  • How is sense of trust different for male and female?
  • Social influences on different genders communication.
  • What is the role of gender in self-perception?
  • Does gender helps in structuring strong arguments in communication?
  • Gender similarities in communication.

Topics about gender leadership differences.

  • Executive style of leadership.
  • Are male and female leaderships different?
  • What kind of gender leadership is more effective for organizational prosperity?
  • Does gender matter in leadership?
  • Stereotypes about gender leadership.
  • Charismatic leaderships in different genders: emotional and social skills.
  • The Glass Ceiling: the ways how gender influences career opportunities.
  • The gender differences on middle managerial levels.
  • Gender issues on the workplace.
  • How to avoid sex conflicts at work?
  • The challenges women facing in negotiations.
  • Gender leadership styles.
  • Stereotypes about women-leaders.
  • Gender roles and leadership.

Topics about gender identity.

  • Gender mental health and atypical deviations.
  • Types of gender identities.
  • Gender and race identity issues.
  • Educational issues and gender identities.
  • The components of gender identities.
  • Gender identity and language.
  • The disorders of gender identities.
  • How to develop gender identity?

Topics about gender inequality.

  • Gender frames in modern world and throughout the history.
  • Gender inequality as social problem.
  • The issues of women education in developing countries.
  • The employment issues based on gender inequality.
  • Gender “pay gap”.
  • How to cope with gender inequality?
  • The reasons for women discrimination and laws regulating the issue.
  • Job gender inequality in modern Europe.
  • Feminist movement: achievements and fails.
  • The influence of economic growth n gender equality.


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