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Prompts for an Essay about Peace

Essay about peace can be written in different forms. The content and style of it, mainly, depends on the purpose of writing, which you set. You may complete a definition essay if you would like to provide your own explanation to the concept of peace. Also, you can work on persuasive essay and discuss the question like why peace is important and how it can be attained. To be more specific, you may examine various religious view on peace, type of peace, theories about it. Here are some essay prompts for your paper about peace.

Definition essay about peace.

In order to define the notion of peace you may use following ideas:

  • Peace as a period of time without any conflicts and violence, which can be characterized as harmony amongst various social groups.
  • Peace in its narrow meaning as state of mind – the harmony with oneself, state of calmness and absence of anxiety or stress. It requires that one has strong knowledge of him- or herself so one can deal with stress successfully.
  • Also, you may define peace as type of interpersonal or international, in its broader sense, type of relationships.

Religious views on the concept of peace.

Most of religions determine peace as basic value, which is closely connected with love, truth, respect and fairness.

  • Christianity: in Christian tradition Jesus is called usually “Prince of Peace”, which means that it is has exceptional importance for the worldview and existence, in general. Christians use different meanings of the notion “peace”: as no-war international relationships, no-conflict relationships between people and their groups and peace of mind – the state of clarity and calmness.
  • Buddhism: Buddhists have a special attitude to peace and an original philosophy about it. They define peace as a condition without suffering. Additionally, they point out that human sufferings are caused by greediness, fears and delusions.

Essay about pacifism.

  • One of the central movements connected with peace is called pacifism. It is opposed to any type of violence and war. Pacifists suggest that all disputes should be peacefully settled basing on the principles of pragmatism and moral values.

Argumentative essay about the ways to resolve conflicts and attaining peace.

There is a range of methods to settle the conflicts peacefully; you may suggest the following:

  • Accepting differences;
  • Achieving dialogue between the parties;
  • Tolerance;
  • Respecting people’s rights and opinions.

You may select any of the methods and develop your arguments for supporting the particular way of attaining peace. Also, you must remember to defend your opinion with different pieces of evidence like facts, statistics and real life examples. To sound more persuasive, we recommend you to use the quotations of experts or famous people.

Helpful tips on writing:

  • Before you start working on your paper make sure that you have your research problem and understand what your purpose of writing is. This will let you keep focused on the issue and build up a meaningful essay with reasonable argumentation.
  • As “peace” is an abstract term make sure that your writing is not too general. Select a certain issue, which you feel like discussing and find an original approach to it.

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