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How to Write a Good Essay on Peace: Topics and Discussion Questions

Imagine you need to write an essay for Peace Corps Application. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? You can even consider yourself lucky, as there is a number of aspects to research when working on this topic. The first step required is to clarify what your research purpose is. Although it usually depends on the subject and professor’s instructions, this article will teach you how to organize your writing process correctly and will suggest some features to focus on when composing the essay of peace.

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How Do I Organize My Writing Process?

  • When you start working on your paper, you are usually at the point when you have nothing but the topic of the assignment received from your professor. In some cases, your topic is not even specified and you need to determine it according to your subject and purpose of writing.
  • Remember to check the writing requirements carefully in order to avoid future revisions of the paper and losing grades. Usually, instructions contain all the necessary information for paper completion.
  • Note that “peace” is a concept that has several meanings. On the one hand, it can be defined as the period of international relationships without wars, interpersonal relations without conflicts. On the other hand, it is described as inner peace or “peace of mind”, which means harmony within oneself, calmness, strong knowledge and understanding of oneself and absence of stress.
  • Peace is the notion relating to numerous fields, such as history, sociology, religion, psychology etc. Define the direction which you are working on in order to get a correct focus on a specific issue.
  • After you have selected your focus, conduct proper research: check the literature recommended by your professor, find some sources online and visit the library. While reading, we recommend that you take notes and highlight the quotations, which may be used as an evidence in your paper.
  • Check the required referencing style from the very beginning. So, you can get all the necessary information about the sources and you will have to not look for it afterwards.

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Peace Topics and Discussion Questions for Essays on Peace

  • The broad and narrow meaning of the notion ‘peace’.
  • Peace as a harmonious period in society.
  • Factors that guarantee peace in society.
  • The most effective ways to attain peaceful atmosphere at a work place.
  • Absence of the violence fear as an indicator of peace.
  • Christian view on peace and war.
  • Jesus Christ as a Prince of Peace.
  • Buddhist views on peace.
  • The end of suffering as the definition of peace in Buddhism.
  • The reasons for suffering in Buddhism.
  • The concept of personal peace in Buddhism.
  • What is “peace of mind”?
  • Inner peace.
  • How does knowledge of oneself help to attain the inner peace?
  • How to get rid of anxiety and stress and to attain the peace of mind?
  • The definition of pacifism.
  • Are pacifist ideas possible in the modern world?
  • The pragmatic and moral grounds of pacifism.
  • How are disputes resolved in pacifists’ society?
  • Theories of peace.
  • Accepting differences and respecting human rights as effective ways to achieve peace.
  • Tolerance as a way to attain peace.

Help with Essay on Peace

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What to Avoid When Writing the Essay on Peace

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The notion and the general idea of peace in our world, our society and our minds can turn out to be rather ambiguous and even controversial. So, when writing an academic essay on such an issue, you should present your opinion in a very well thought way.

It doesn’t mean, however, that your personal views on the ideas of global peace or the mental harmony should correspond with those expressed by your teacher or instructor. What you should pay great attention to is the way how you make your statements: remember that your style shouldn’t seem offensive to your reader even if he or she doesn’t accept your point of view.

So, let’s have a quick look at a few things you should take into your consideration if the subject of your essay is such notion and phenomenon as peace. Hope, these recommendations will help you express your opinion in the neatest and most understandable way.

Watch Your Vocabulary

Of course, spelling, grammar and punctuation remain vitally important for the total grade you will get for your essay. However, all three of them are worth nothing when they aren’t supported with reasonable sense which largely depends on the words you use. The thing is that the notion of peace concerns many spheres of our everyday life, and it is important not to mix them all in order not to come up with somewhat high-flown and ambiguous combinations like “we must fight for peace”.

Don’t Contradict Yourself

Before you start working on the essay, make sure you have decided clearly what your position and attitude are. As you may get more and more enthusiastic while writing and trying to cover a lot of ideas, you shouldn’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Stick to your main thought and follow it as you develop the topic.

Put Prejudices Aside

You should stay as impartial as possible regardless of the examples you set in your essay or the other people’s ideas you quote. Try to avoid sharp criticism and excessive approval. Support your sound opinions with reasonable arguments and build logical connections between them. Keep your style neat and friendly.

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