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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up on Reading

Reading is one of the hobbies that will never be considered outdated or conservative. There are so many genres and plots to choose from and so many ideas that can inspire us that we might find ourselves drowning in this ocean. What are the reasons for us to keep floating no matter what?

It is the fastest and safest way to travel

In reality we can travel all over the world, but there is more than just one world in literature. You can travel in time and space; you can basically find yourself in two dimensions at the same time. You can fly in a space shuttle, remaining seated on a chair in your bedroom. You can meet all kinds of people and there is no need to worry about saying something wrong or not knowing the language, as you are just a character and can only see what you are supposed to see and do what you should do. An old bookshop

You will find a safe way to escape reality anytime

It is impossible to be always satisfied with your life. Sometimes we just want to run away from the annoying daily routine or from tiring people, without worrying about the consequences. Reading is a safe way to calm down without any medicine, it is a door to a place where we can hide and live for a while. Try it and you will notice, how real world appears to be a better place, if you have other options as well.

You will improve your language skills

A book is never a project of only one person. A book is like a sculpture that was curved by careful hands of several masters. Thus, you don’t only have a key to an imaginary world; you also have a correct text that can be your best grammar teacher. Reading also enriches your vocabulary. Start reading and soon you will notice, that you are able to choose between “fascinating” and “astonishing” instead of simply replying with “Great!”

Waiting will not irritate you anymore

Once you have a book, taking a bus back home or waiting in the queue will not seem boring. Instead of staring blankly at the window or checking out someone’s outfit you can open a book. Reading distracts us, and waiting doesn’t seem exhausting anymore. Reading in a queue

Reading is good for your emotional intellect

When you read, you step into somebody’s shoes and live through the misfortunes and joys of their life. You try it on, as if it was an outfit, and it will be easier for you to be more tolerant and understanding after you have (imaginably) experienced what they have. Reading feels like living hundreds of different lives, and it lets you see the situation from a different angle, which will later help you find the best solution for any situations you or your friends are in.

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