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Persuasive Essay Example on School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Are you ready to take a stand and speak out on your choice for the greater good? It is high time for you to lay all your thoughts out on an arguable issue. You have to do it so well, that no one has any doubt that what you are writing about is the absolute truth. Here is how to proceed.

Research the Topic

It is easier to write about whether or not you support school uniforms, because everyone has encountered the problem of school uniforms when they were younger. As far as other controversial issues are concerned, such as nuclear power, abortions, same sex marriages or smoking, we may not have direct experience and should research thoroughly this topic: the legal aspects, moral issues and people’s opinions connected to it. Only after having grasped the full picture, we can take the side and prove our point of view on the matter.

Choose Your Side

Whether you are writing from experience or after having done research, you need to take a firm side on what team you are going to play in this game. Even if your true feelings may hesitate, while composing the essay it is necessary to have a firm belief of what is right and what is wrong. If you are writing about school uniforms, you have to weigh your pros and cons: think about your life and how the presence or absence of the uniform has affected your life, and then consider the general picture. Now it is easier to decide which side you are going to root for, isn’t it?

Prepare Your Arguments

If you are a pro-uniform kind of person, list all the positive effects implementing unified clothing can bring to the learning environment. Each argument may take up a paragraph. Start by writing your main idea and then supporting your point with factual evidence, whether from stories from your experience or reliable data. For example, you could start by writing the following excerpt:

A school uniform is a necessary factor to standardize the students, reinforcing equality between the rich and the poor. The teacher will treat everyone equally and will not differentiate between those from struggling families and prosperous ones, as in the case with my primary school, Oakfield Primary School located in Essex.

Japanese School Girl

Destroy Your Opponent

Imagine a tiny devil’s advocate sitting on your shoulder and whispering counterarguments in your ear. It is time to shut him up with a paragraph that invalidates his opposing arguments. Be concise, and clearly state your point of view. For example, if a con argument is “there is no evidence that students wearing uniforms get better grades”, you can smash it with the following sentences:

Even though there is no evidence of change in a student’s academic proficiency caused by the adoption of uniforms, students wearing uniforms create the image of diligent, hardworking, disciplined children, and thus will be better perceived by teachers. This will lead to a more organized and fruitful learning process, creating the necessary environment for the student to learn.

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