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Science in Our Lives: Essay Sample

Scientist in Laboratory

Science surrounds us in everyday life, even if we don’t notice its influence. Most people are used to call up in mind space shuttles, robots, and modern laboratories when they hear this word. However, the simplest items of necessity, which can’t surprise anybody, are the result of scientific work as well. It proves the importance of this field of human activity. There are some statements on this subject in the article; it is a great example of an essay about the role of science in human’s life. It is helpful for students as they usually get such themes for making a research.


It is the vital to point as the life and health of mankind depend on the science developing. Thousands of cures from various illnesses are invented every year, constantly in laboratories experiments, and researches are held in order to overcome epidemics and lethal diseases. Different medical devices are improving, and new appliances are testing. That makes doctors’ work more effective and patients’ therapy more comfortable and painless.

Personal Computer

This is the thing that everyone uses at home, work or school. Thanks to this invention humanity improved manufacturing, education, military forces, security and so on. It may be used for entertainment or solving complicated tasks. From the first large and cumbersome one, humanity moved to slim and light laptops with huge capacity.


These devices are a vital part of modern person’s life. It allows people to keep contact in any place and time. The simple phone which was used only for calling each other now becomes a kinship of a computer with lots of functions. Social networks, on-line games, dictionaries, and virtual books are available in one device. That definitely changed mankind life for more comfortable and effortless.

Person Using Phone


It is hard to imagine at least one day without it. Large corporations, factories, entertainment centers, hospitals and schools, everything needs electricity to work in a normal way. Mankind depends on it greatly as it really improved the quality of life and gave people lots of new opportunities. There can be no progress if one-day electricity disappears.


Today it is the item of necessity but not splendor. Traveling to other countries for vacation is the first thing which comes to mind. However, it is vital for delivering products to the shops, giving urgent medical help, solving crimes and extraordinary situations. In everyday life one uses the car to drive from home to work and it became a habit without which being will be intricate.


Everything today is connecting with World Network, shopping, communication, bank operations and even government’s secrets. It is a door to open the whole world for one mouse click. Today people meet on the Internet more than in reality, make friends, find soul mates. Students will barely be able to study without its help.

All in all, these examples may be used as proofs of science important role in human’s life. However, there are many others which can be helpful as well. Some creativity and imagination are the only needed things for creating an essay on this theme.

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