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Nowadays a lot of students tend to underestimate the value and power of philosophical studies, holding them for strictly theoretical and don’t believing they can actually bring any use to the studied field. Philosophy is usually a part of every college or university curriculum, but most of the students do not pay much attention to it, concentrating on “more important” subjects. However, educational philosophy cannot be counted as one of the boring theoretical classes. If you are going to be a teacher in the future, or work with kids in any other way, it will be very useful for you to read more about different educational philosophies. The field of philosophical studies can be easily applied on practice.

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Philosophy of education is an applied field of study, which observes the aim, the methods, the goals and the results of both theoretical and practical sides of education. Your philosophy of education essay samples may include such topics as: the philosophy of education history along with the names of all the most famous and valuable philosophers of education, starting with Socrates up to the most modern studies. You can observe and compare different educational philosophies and try to find the best suitable one for nowadays kids. Or you can try and create your own philosophy, suggesting the methods and forms of educations that will help to develop young minds.

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