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Each and every person in his life goes through the caring hands of a teacher at some point. We meet teachers in our early childhood when we first leave our homes to go to kindergartens. At that moment teachers take the part of responsibility for us from our parents and accompany us on our not easy way of personal development through elementary, middle, high school and university, following all our successes and failures, but nevertheless always supporting us. Therefore, it is hard to overestimate the role of a teacher in our lives.

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For example, you can think about how much time you have spent in school since your childhood and compare it with the time you have spent at home with your parents. Nowadays, children’s lives are highly influenced by teachers exactly because they spent more time with them. Recall the moments, when you sensed a warm, protective and caring atmosphere in class. That was also the merit of your teacher. And one of the main points, however, usually left beyond the consideration, is all of the useful things your teachers have taught you since you were little. It may seem like you have known it forever, but let’s not forget, whom you have to thank for it.

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