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What Type of Student Are You?

When we study in college we all are united by common aim and have similar objectives like completing a task successfully, learning a discipline, gaining certain skills etc. Nevertheless, we tend to achieve these goals in different ways and our behavior during the process depends on our habits and character. Here are some student types that exist in every college all over the world.

  • A tech geek.

    A person with technical devices

    Most of us love using convenient and fashionable devices for making our life easier. However, some people are strongly willing to have the most recent phones, laptops, headphones etc. the same day when they are produced. They know every brand and its history, have a plenty of applications on their phones for any occasion and are simply good at using all the technical stuff.

  • Mr. Late

    Their motto is, obviously, “Better late than never”. Despite your classes start at 8 am or you have a meeting at 6 pm this person will be late for, at least, 5 minutes. The kinds of Mr. Late’s differ: some of them come just few minutes later and others prefer to come in the classroom in the middle of the class like nothing special happened. This type of students usually is not aware about most important things, which are usually told at the beginning of the lesson and tend to miss deadlines due to their love to belatedness. Do not be surprised to get birthday greetings from Mr. Late few weeks after your birthday.

  • A social networks’ addict.

    There will be, definitely, a person in your college with thousands of friends in their Facebook list and tons of photos and reposts in the feed. It does not matter if this person knows you personally, or have just seen you once in a hall, or just knows one of your group mates. They will add you to the friend’s list and will start filling in your news feed with their reflections and selfies although they might not even say hello to you in college.

  • A heavy-eyed one.

    A person sleeping at the desk

    This person is the one who falls asleep wherever you are. It is easier for them to fall asleep in any position and not paying attention to any possible distractions. No one, actually, knows why this student is so tired all the time as usually they are not the most successful academically and do not party all night.

  • The best of the bests.

    No event in college can happen without the participation of this person. If you have a class together you will, certainly, be an eye-witness of all their triumph and, what is more, a plenty of stories about those triumphs. In case you need to do a project together this person will try to take the leading position and tell everyone how to do the things right. Typically, “the best one” is known by all the professors and try to take part in as many affairs as possible so all people around can estimate his greatness.

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