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Essay Writing Prompts about Environmental Issues

You might need to write a paper about environmental protection for a number of subjects, such as ecology, forestry, geography or other environmental studies. As our environment is a many-sided concept, it can be viewed from the different angles, which require special approaches. Here we have prepared some essay ideas and prompts for writing the paper about environmental issues and protection.

Issue #1. Change of Climate

Most of us can feel that our climate has changed a bit. If you do not experience it, you might have heard from your parents or grandparents that the weather used to be a little bit different when they were young. Nowadays, these changes are not just talks but appear to be the scientifically proven facts. If you select this topic, try to investigate the reasons of the climate changing, connect the issue with global warming, review different theories about whether global warming is a true fact or just a fake hypothesis. You may try to predict the consequences that are awaiting us in future if the climate changes greatly.

Issue #2. Pollution

Smoke, gases

This topic is indisputable as every one of us can see how the environment is polluted by people and the results of their activity. Pollution is a rather wide theme as it includes polluting atmosphere, waters, soil and everything that surrounds us. Together with pollution, there is much harm done to flora and fauna that are becoming extinct because of the ways that we influence the environment in which they exist. You can outline the most harmful ways of pollution and develop the ideas on how we can stop it and improve the state of ecology overall and in the location where you live specifically.

Issue #3. Deforestation


Forests, cutting forests

Usually, we do not even realize how forests are important for us. They give us the air that we breathe, help to normalize rainfalls and temperature. Nevertheless, we use them for making paper and wood production although a plenty of substituting materials and ways to reuse those products have been developed. Try to answer the following question: why do we keep on cutting the woods although the we can use other ways to get the products needed? What is the perspective of deforestation? Would we be able to survive without woods? What can we do to solve the issue?

Issue #4. Overpopulation

If you care about overpopulation and decrease of the resources that we are using daily, you may consider the following questions to answer. Is the Earth capable to locate more and more habitants? Should we be looking for an alternative place to live? Are the laws about restricted number of children in families able to solve the issue of overpopulation? Do we truly use all the agricultural resources fully to feed the people around the world?

Issue #5. Genetic Modifications

Genetic engineering has gone far today and keeps surprising us with the new achievements every day. However, apart from positive results we often get various health problems. What is more, genetically modified products are usually toxic which has bad impact on our immune resistance.

Handy Writing Tips

Planet Earth

So, after you have decided what you want to write about, it is time to make out how you should write. The topics connected with various environmental issues can appear to be quite complex and therefore challenging. Besides, as most of them are connected with very serious problems which the mankind has to face every day, it may be advisable that you provide some sound ideas on how these problems can be solved. Consequently, your essay should cover a number of very significant and rather complicated aspects of the interconnections between us, people, and the environment we live in.

In order to help you set the right direction for your work on such assignment, we are going to consider two types of essays which can be the most suitable for presenting and describing environmental issues. Despite the fact that the text structure of any essay, regardless of its type, remains almost the same, still the manner of organizing the information and the purpose of your writing will be different.

Cause-And-Effect Essay

You will get it if you plan to write about some factors which may have caused a particular issue as well as about the effects of their influence on this or that situation. Let’s assume that you have chosen a topic devoted to the recent climate changes. How can you manage it?

  1. Briefly describe the current situation using some statistical data or the info from the latest news and scientific reports.
  2. Do some research to find out more about the main causes of climate changes and where they may take their roots from.
  3. Describe and analyze their effects on us and our environment. Also, you can think about certain potential threats posed by some of them.
  4. In the last paragraph concisely present the connections between the causes and effects of the climate change, which you have mentioned above. Also, make the final conclusion about the extent of the changes and its impact on our world.

A Few Remarks

  • You can consider the climate change worldwide or concentrate your attention on one particular region (Antarctica, for example).
  • In the end of your essay you can also write about the measures that could help us either to prevent the change of the world’s climate or to deal with its negative aspects.

Persuasive Essay

This type of essays is usually built on making a statement in the beginning and proving it with arguments in the course of your writing. For example, your topic is connected with genetic engineering and you want to specify its advantages. So, what should you do?

  1. Provide the statement generalizing the benefits of genetic engineering which can be observed nowadays.
  2. Search for some credible information on the achievements made in this field.
  3. Consider the opposite point of view explaining why it exists and why it should be also taken into account.
  4. Try to make an unambiguous conclusion about the advantages of genetic engineering and support it by repeating the most essential arguments briefly.

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