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Death penalty refers to the punishment in which a criminal is sentenced to death because of the crime committed. The issue of death penalty has become controversial in the modern society because there are some who argue that it should be abolished, while others hold that it should continue to deter crime in the society. The essay death penalty looks at pros and cons of death penalty. This is an issue that many essays on death penalty have looked, but I will bring other new insights.

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Death penalty has deterrence value in criminal prevention because many criminals are deterred from committing crime when they understand that they will be punished by death. This has made the society safer place for living. Death penalty also ensures that hardcore criminals do not influence other inmates in prison as it happens. It eliminates such hardcore criminals who usually have negative influence on others through social learning that takes place in the prisons. Many essays on death penalty hold that life imprisonment should act as the alternative to death penalty, but in terms of cost death penalty has more economic benefits to the society.


Death penalty is an inhuman way of treating another person. It goes against moral ethics in which all people should be treated in a humane way. According to religious and moral ethics, it is wrong to take away another person's life as it goes against the rights of a person to live. Death penalty denies criminals an opportunity to transform their behaviors by terminating their lives. Criminals should be given an opportunity to change their behaviors because all people have the ability to be rehabilitated.

Therefore, as can be seen in the essay death penalty, there are benefits and shortcomings of death penalty. It is the responsibility of the authorities to look at them and make informed decision whether it is appropriate or not.

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