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Salem witch trial essays and everything that relates to it

The Salem witch trial too place in Salem Massachusetts in 1962 whereby people accused others of conducting witchcraft. There are many Salem witch trial papers/Salem witch trial essays written on this topic bringing more light about the topic. In this paper, I look at the worldly reasons why the Salem witch trial happened.

The trial happened because of the fact that one side of the village accused the other side of the same village. This brought a lot of uneasiness in the entire Salem village. With the growth of the community away from their original inhabitants, people wanted to have their own village. The new settler wanted to have their own identity, having own church taxes and elected leaders. The west-east division increased with people from each side breaking from the other. As evidenced in geographical maps, more of the accusers in the case were from the western part while the accused lived on the western part of Salem.

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Just after getting the nod to build its own meeting house, arguments arose on who was supposed to preach on the pulpit. Supporters of different candidates such as James Bayley, George Burroughs and others accused each other because of their distinct preferences on who to occupy the pulpit. Research has shown a close link between the accusers and the accused in the case depending on who the people supported for the preaching job.

During this period politics in Salem experienced political transformation hysteria. There were three factions that disagreed leading to the conflicts that existed in the area. The three factions accused each other leading to each side accusing the other of a plague from the invisible world. Farmers were determined to stop the merchants from taking over the area leading to the application of witchcraft accusation. Therefore as most of Salem witch trial papers/Salem witch trial essays hold it is the differences among the people in Salem that led to these trial.

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