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Thesis on Gender Inequality: State Your Point

Gender inequality would not be considered as such a serious issue if it did not create such a huge number of difficulties in women’s well-being. The pay gap, illegal abortions, discrimination at the workplace, glass ceiling, financial issues, lack of rights, domestic violence, limited access to education and partial opportunities in building a career are all the results of gender inequality.

Essay About Gender Inequality VS Thesis

There will be a significant difference between an essay on gender inequality, gender inequality research paper and the thesis on this issue. Basically, a thesis on gender inequality will be a lengthy work, which will include its writer`s point of view (as in an essay), some research results and evaluation of them (as in research paper) and the in-depth multi-aspect review of the stated problem. However, the topics and issues that can be covered remain the same, with the only specification that topic for an essay about gender inequality may be narrower due to the short length requirement. Here are a few aspects to consider:

  1. Lack of Political and Economic Power

    • It is an obvious fact that the most important political parts are played by male representatives. This is caused by the factor that usually men have better financial opportunities, which lets them realize their supremacy in politics.
    • Consequently, women possess less economic power, as major influential people in global economies are male.
    • The factor which worsens the overall situation in absence of equality between genders is the fact that specific women`s rights are influenced mostly by men. For example, birth control access, paid sick leave, child care questions and equal wages are discussed and resolved mostly by men.

    A Male Manager

  2.  Gender Roles and Stereotypes

      • The concept of gender roles is based on certain stereotypes, which have been developed historically as well as due to the biological factors.
      • The female`s ability to give birth to children, her capacities and competence are mostly associated with nurturing and caring. This determines a choice of the service sector professions.
      • Men are considered as bread-makers and workers, so they tend to have the jobs which are more economically valuable. This results in such consequence as better payment to men doing the same jobs as women (a so-called “wage gap”).
      • There is one more critical issue due to gender inequality. It has a metaphorical nomination – “glass ceiling” or “sticky floor”, which symbolizes women’s inability to achieve a top of career ladder in certain companies.
  3. Social Issues Caused by the Gender Inequality

    • As women are considered to be a weaker sex (psychologically and physically), they more often become the victims of the domestic violence. While writing your paper, you may review the variety of domestic violence thesis statement examples to see the main set of problems connected with this aspect.
    • Women are not allowed to control their biological functions when it comes to abortion. Giving birth to a child makes woman even less sustainable to the social and economic threats.

    A domestic abuse

  4. Ways to Manage the Gender Inequality

      • Popularizing family planning campaign, when a woman can decide on the number of children she desires to have.
      • Women should be prevented from making illegal and not safe abortions, which are dangerous to women reproductive system and overall health state.
      • Reproductive and sexual rights should be provided to women. This can be applied by given an easy access to reproductive medical services to them.
      • One more helpful step to tackle the issue is promoting sexuality education and letting female teenagers know about ways to protect themselves from AIDS, HIV and undesired pregnancies as well as violence.
      • Not only the countries with high economic level but also the countries which are less developed should care about this issue. There are 18 countries in the world, where, according to statistics, one woman has 5 children or more.
      • One of effective examples of handling the issue of gender inequality is “Girl Geek Dinners” that are held weekly in London. This is a meeting for women that are dealing with technical professions, which are not typical for females. These dinners help women to share the experience and knowledge on how to be successful in IT, technologies, computer science and engineering. Such communities are essential for popularizing “male” professions in female surrounding.

A Few Brief Hints

  • Do not know what to start with? Start from the small! To write a good thesis you may complete an outline and a short essay first to put your ideas into an order. Later these papers can be elaborated into a well-done thesis paper. By the way, it is possible to order such an essay about gender inequality, an outline or even the whole thesis paper at pocket-friendly prices at CoolEssay.Net

  • Mind your structure. A thesis paper has specific set of structural demands. If your paper lacks an abstract or a good conclusion, you should not expect a good grade for it.

  • A new chapter – a new point. Every chapter should deal with the separate aspect of the main topic.

  • Revise. It is important to proofread and edit your thesis after it is done.

Check out These Topics for Your Research Paper on Gender Inequality

As soon as you start researching into this issue, you’ll see it is quite multifaceted. It is another question, however, whether such diversity of social challenges is a positive of rather negative result of human development.

Yet, if you’ve already decided to write an argumentative essay on gender inequality or chosen some of gender wage gap essay topics, you might be searching for a bunch of smart ideas to use in your work.

Specially for you, Coolessay writers’ team have selected the range of the most compelling gender inequality research paper topics. You’ll find that these topics are remarkably popular among professors and, hence, students. That is because these issues still remain unsolved.

And we are here to provide you with original approach to them as well as to their resolutions! Let’s handle your women inequality essay, argumentative essay on gender pay gap, domestic violence thesis statement, gender equality essay (introduction and conclusion to each paper), or whatever you have to write this time!

All the World’s a Stage or What’s Wrong with Gender Roles?

And here you catch the first tip! Add Shakespeare’s quote into an introduction of your gender inequality essay. It will help you insert a special twist, set some tune for the research paper. Let’s see how you can develop it!

If we first pay attention to the terms, we’ll discover that a gender role is a set of traditional norms for male and female appearance, behaviour, even aspirations and life choices. Looks like a good start for a gender inequality thesis statement, doesn’t it? So, like a merciless playwright, the History of our civilisation has set certain rules, roles for the way men and women must live their lives.

Now mind the word “traditional”. Although we haven’t come close to gender inequality yet and are going to devote more words to gender roles, thesis statement of your essay could combine both aspects of the problem. The thing is that today traditional concepts of gender roles only add more fuel to the fires of gender discrimination.

Is Gender Inequality Still a Social Problem?

This is probably one of the broadest gender inequality research paper topics. But you can approach it in a few different ways. For you to feel more confident in the ideas you choose, we recommend writing something like a gender inequality essay outline. This is a kind of extended plan of your paper. It can list your main ideas and provide short descriptions for them.

On the one hand, you can highlight the crucial aspects of gender discrimination in your essay and corroborate if the society should do something about them. Therefore, you’ll even get an argumentative essay on gender inequality.

On the other hand, in the thesis statement on discrimination of such kind you can express an opinion that it does take place all around the modern world, but its extent varies and depends on manifold economic, political, social and cultural factors.

What Does Our Society Know About Sexism?

Developing such a versatile topic can make a decent part of your thesis about gender roles and major changes in them. But when you choose the issue of sexism to write exactly a gender inequality essay, it is important to select and analyse its most significant facets in a right way.

In the sexism essay thesis you can state that nowadays this notion covers not just a view that men and women must live according to sometimes too hidebound traditions. The term “sexism” can be rightfully considered a synonym for gender discrimination or inequality. So, you can take this fact into account when writing a gender inequality research paper. Outline this issue either.

Besides, if for some time we turn back to gender roles, thesis statement of your research can support the idea that the notion of sexism has been expanded to cover prejudices against not only women, but also men, transgender people and intersex people.

However, you’d better not dig deep into this very issue if you’re going to write about women’s rights. Thesis statement in this case should be focused exceptionally on the discrimination against women.

Popular (but Absurd) Gender Stereotypes and Where They Come From

Let’s agree that we won’t go too radical and that here we will rationally approach what is considered gender stereotypes. Thesis statement of a research paper devoted to such an issue should mainly claim whether you accept the fact that such stereotypes can have an impact on our life styles. You can try to make the list of the most powerful influences in your gender inequality essay outline. This list will help you see what you should focus on in the paper.

Remember the above-mentioned thesis about gender roles? The stereotypes of the same kind are closely connected with them. Such generalisations about male and female roles can be related to various spheres of life – from childcare to entrepreneurship.

By the way, you can dig deeper into the latter and find a wide variety of gender wage gap essay topics, scandalous examples of unfair attitude towards women (and men) at workplace, as well as many other gender inequality research paper topics.

What makes the background for it all is gender stereotypes. Thesis statement could therefore include a reference to some of the issues, while the paper itself would provide more information and thorough analysis.

If Gender Wage Gap Isn’t Fair, Why Don’t We Fight It?

This can be a good topic for your argumentative essay on gender pay gap. Remember that even if you support only one side of the argument, you still should mention the opposite opinions and the reasons why they exist.

In your research on gender inequality thesis statement should express your view of the general situation. Ask yourself if you realize that men and women can get different money for doing the same job, and if such an approach to human labour is fair at all.

Gender wage gap essay topics all appear to be quite controversial and complex. If you want to be sure about the rightness of your opinion, you should search for relevant statistical data, set real-life examples of companies that do violate their employees’ right to “equal pay for equal work”, cite valid laws and regulations that are aimed at protecting this right and so on.

Thus, your research paper and its thesis statement on discrimination against women (or men) in certain jobs and its extent will look more persuasive to your professor.

History of the Women’s Rights Movement

It actually starts much earlier than we can imagine. So, if you are deeply interested in it, we can recommend making a gender inequality research paper outline. Find information about women’s rights and traditional norm of women’s behaviour in the West and the East and compare them. Then you can check how long ago the hidden fight against the violence of patriarchal society actually started, contrast its methods with the ones applied today.

When you write about women’s rights, thesis statement of the paper should draw reader’s attention not only to the rational reasons why women fought (and keep fighting) for them, but also the general public attitudes to such large-scale, though gradual, innovations. A good research paper on gender inequality should certainly include a few notable facts from the history of women’s right movements both in the western and eastern parts of our world.

By the way, referring to these facts and the well-known successes could also serve as an interesting twist in some parts of your gender equality essay (introduction or arguments, for example).

Domestic Violence Protection Measures and How to Make Them Work

In your argumentative essay on gender inequality you can debate this issue as well. Domestic abuse and violence implies a rather regular pattern of incidences that often feature signs of controlling, threatening, bullying by one partner or spouse. Mostly, such incidents happen at home.

However, not only girls or women can become victims of domestic violence. Thesis statement of an essay on such topic can also consider incidents in which boys and men are involved. So, you’d better not concentrate on this very problem in the narrowed women right’s thesis statement. It won’t be fair to men and their rights after all.

Still, it’s a very topical issue to make it the core of your gender inequality research paper. Outline what you already know about it and define what else you’d like to add. In a women inequality essay you can discuss different types of females’ domestic abuse, try to reveal psychological reasons for this problem and offer effective solutions for it.

Still, you should remember that if a gender inequality thesis statement of your research paper is intended to cover the discrimination not only against women, but also against men, do not narrow your research to feministic surveys only. However surprising it may seem to us, who are so used to supporting women in the fight for equality, men has started claiming that some of their human (please mind this word) rights are infringed. Consider this idea as a basis of your potential sexism essay thesis.

What Does the Concept of Gender Equality Imply Actually?

A research paper on gender inequality is quite a standard assignment for college students. Of course, it requires you to spend much time on searching for good materials and just analysing the whole situation adequately, probably even reconsidering some of your own views. However, writing a gender inequality essay can be considered an easier thing if we compare it to writing a paper on what gender equality can be.

You see, you can find many examples to make a good thesis statement on discrimination. Unfortunately, some of these examples can be taken not from news but even from real life.

But how would you describe the ideal which the modern society is striving to? Global gender equality. Essay introduction for such a topic could include some quotes from classic utopias. It would be also an original idea to mention some gender stereotypes. Thesis statement in this case may cover your own opinion on the prejudices which actually hinder our social and cultural development, as well as on the ways to ruin such stereotypes on a more local or even global scale.

You can also think about an ideal balance between gender roles. Thesis or essay on such topic could bring out a fresh outlook on the issue of gender discrimination and human equality in general.

Check Why You Have Chosen a Great Theme

Research paper on sexism and gender inequality essay outline one of the most serious problems which society has created by itself and has to face now – our laws claim we are all equal, but our routine proves we are not.

New views on and solutions for the challenges that take their roots in this problem will help us overcome it and change the world for the better. If these solutions prove effective, it doesn’t matter who and how introduces them – a student it his or her argumentative essay on gender pay gap or a Doctor of Social Sciences in his or her thesis about gender roles.

However, remember that you should always take a position of a rational educated person. If you are a guy who has to write a women inequality essay, stay away from criticising feminists, for example. If you are a girl who’s musing over a decent domestic violence thesis statement, do not generalise about “typical men’s behaviour”.

If you decide to write a sexism essay, thesis for it can present your own views on the issue. But remember that you should support them with arguments from valid sources, expressed by reputable scientists and researchers.

Good luck with your research and stay free from any prejudices or stereotypes. That’s how your essay can be really honest and all-in.


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