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Brief Guide to Writing a Persuasive Essay on Racism

The basis of persuasive paper is proper argumentation and effective usage of persuading writing tools. Racism is a good topic if your task is to complete a persuasive essay as it is a disputable question that has a long history. Modern sociologists claim that the definition of racism is poor attitude, maltreatment and violence towards people that represent different race. Typically it is caused by belief that race determines personal characteristics and qualities. Here are several hints for writing a persuasive essay on racism.

  1. Rules of persuasive writing.
    1. Students are facing two main problems in persuasive writing: no understanding the audience and absence of needs. These factors lead to weak argumentation and, therefore not effective persuasion.
    2. Before you start you should realize what your research and writing purpose is. If your topic is “racism” you are most likely expected to prove the dangers and violence caused by this issue.
    3. It is important to understand who your reader is. This will help you to select proper arguments and find the persuasive techniques, which will work for convincing him or her. For this matter, try to look at the issue from the audience’s perspective.
    4. Select the focus of the issue, which matters to you. Personally meaningful writing will trigger the desire to improve your persuading skills.
    5. There are several techniques to train your persuasive abilities. Listen to persuasive speeches, which had success, criticize them finding strong and weak points.
    6. Remember about the required parts for any persuasive paper: an introduction that makes a claim, main body providing arguments and evidence, and a conclusion that sums up all the points and gets back to thesis statement.
  2. Ideas for persuasive essay about racism.
    1. Race discrimination is based on the conviction that personal qualities of the person depend on his or her ethnicity. Discrimination against the race is usually expressed as violence and poor treatment against people of certain race.
    2. The danger of racism can be understood if you know that is was the cause of apartheid and Nazism.
    3. You can write an essay about the history of racism that was developing with mankind existence. It has been a cause of slavery, economic downturns, nation formation and wars.
    4. The very basic division of racism is among Westerners and Easterners. The example of it between Austro-Hungarian Catholics and Eastern Muslims.
    5. Enslavement of Africans is one of the most well-known expressions of racism in the New World. It was grounded on the claim that Africans are less intelligent and human than European race representatives.
    6. You may focus your persuasive essay on inferiority as a basis of racial discrimination. It can be compared to Anti-Semitism that is routed in evil.
    7. One of the theories state that racism against Africans and Jews was grounded in history. As these races were considered as strong and powerful within some periods, thus, when they demeaned Europeans started treating them with cruelty.
    8. At the moment racism is increasing due to immigration that is growing. Europeans often take it as a threat to the cultural domination and heritage, which is why this is the issue that is worth discussing.

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