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Writing Different Types of Essays

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The educational progression is full of various assignments on writing. The usual sort of writing is that of essays. Professors and tutors create their educational programs involving this kind of activity.


This question is very popular among undergraduates as well as teachers. Writing various types of essays is advantageous not only for receiving good grades but also for the general development of each personality.

After graduation, yesterday students start looking for a job; from this point, the skills they gained while studying are intended to be used in the everyday life.

Writing a CV or a motivation letter is connected to writing essays. So, remembering everything the tutor has taught, an applicant can easily put theory into practice. After that, writing skills can be implemented in writing reports, analytical research, letters, speeches and presentations.

So, writing skills, as we understand, are useful not only for undergraduates of Journalism and Creative Writing specialties but for all kinds of professions. Apart from the obvious practical use, essay writing enriches grammar and vocabulary knowledge, makes people attentive to the correctness of the word use and structure of the sentence.

A person who is familiar with the correct structure of the text, who can clearly express his or her thoughts on paper, to argue his or her point and prove the correctness of this theory or another in writing, is really an intelligent and educated one. Many people have problems with the creation of texts, which in fact are the outflowing concentrate of their elusive thoughts. However, if people have been able to learn this, it only remains to raise the hat to them. Writing of essays is proved to be more useful than even reading books. It expands people’s professional and personal horizons.

How to Define the Proper Type of Essay

Commonly, undergraduates do not face the problem of identifying the type of essays tutors assign them to write. Learners get particular instructions and subjects on writing, but even then, some complications can occur. Some types of essays are quite similar. And during the writing process, the character of delivering the information may be changed. These types of essays can be grouped this way:

  • Argumentative and Persuasive;
  • Compare and Contrast;
  • Division and Classification;
  • Cause and Effect;
  • Expository and Descriptive.

The distinction between these pairs of essays will be discussed a little bit later. But now, let us see the table with major types of essays.

Essay Classification

List with Pen
# Types of Essays Short Description
1. Admission Essay It is written for college application. More than 90% of colleges and universities require the scholar admission essay to know their applicant better.
2. Analytical Essay This type is supposed to provide an analysis of a movie, book, some event or an article.
3. Critical Essay It has some similarities with the previous type, nonetheless, apart from an analysis, it should include the arguments on the subject that is discussed questioning the key point of view.
4. Deductive Essay This essay type helps define the level of subject knowledge. Typically, it works according to the system: premise-evidence-conclusion.
5. Definition Essay It is an essay where the writer defines something through the essay, the author gives an explanation of some meaning, commonly, an abstract one.
6. Expository Essay This type intends to tell the idea or situation the way it is, explaining some incomprehensible matters. It ought not to contain the writer’s personal outlook, arguments or thoughts.
7. Exploratory Essay This essay type does not demand in-depth knowledge from the author, what is more, it is concentrated on the process of learning.
8. Narrative Essay It is based on the writer’s personal experience, consists of a lot of details and may contain dialogues.

So, to accomplish the tutor’s task correctly, the first thing the learners have to do is to make sure they are aware of the distinction between similar types and the character of writing for each of the separate types of essay. The detailed information will be highlighted in the next article.

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