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Let`s Find Out How to Write a Story

Writing a Story

Your friend called you the other day and the moment he/she says: “You`re not going to believe what I found out today”, you immediately turn on your attentive listening mode and are eager to get all the details. While we`re here, we`d like to debunk one over-popularized myth. Contrary to a common belief, women don`t gossip more than men. In fact, a social study reported that it`s actually vice versa in some cultures where males tend to be more emotional. So get that, social stereotypes! Anyway, back to that phone conversation. There were two factors that worked like a trigger in this situation and made you pay attention.

The first one is the fact that you know this person well and you trust them. We get attached to people who provide us with interesting information because it basically works like a drug. Why do you think you`re so addicted to TV-shows and you`re even ready to ditch all your plans if a new episode comes out? You get used to characters and perceive them as an important part of your real life. The same is with friends. The second factor is a story itself and this is exactly what we`re going to focus our attention on here today.

Have you ever been reading a novel thinking how is it even possible to come up with such a plot? How could an author create something so wonderful? Probably, every one of us had an idea of writing a book at least once in a lifetime. Our brain is creating stories all the time. When we lie or when we`re making up dialogues in our head right before falling asleep. It`s in human nature to produce something absolutely new especially when it comes to an intellectual power. However, let`s admit that some people are good at placing their thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper and others have just completely different talents. Obviously, we don`t want to discourage you but, perhaps, you`d like to address an awesome essay writing service which will help you to avoid stress and get excellent grades all at the same time.

Don`t Wait Till It Hits Your Head

Idea of a Story

We`re talking about ideas. Every story starts with an idea which is an aftermath of an inspiration wave. Wait a minute, it turns out that those surreal inspiration waves are incredibly rare and professional writers never just sit there and wait for an idea to come. Getting your head to work productively and to generate cool thoughts is a hard mental process. Writing a story is considered to be a creative process but let`s not forget how much monotonous and extremely complicated work is hiding behind this concept.

Jack London had to write one short story for a newspaper every single day. If he had been sitting waiting for an epiphany, he would have just gone broke in a couple of weeks. And your “Eureka” may take even more time before it visits you, so start working right now. But how can you summon inspiration? The world around you is the best possible source of new brilliant ideas, you just need to be super attentive to details and become a human society`s insider. It`s like you don`t just live in a group of people you don`t care about but you dive into their lives trying to get more familiar with them.

You don`t necessarily have to be an extrovert in order to pull it off. You just need to be more attentive whenever you`re out and about. It`s rude to eavesdrop, we know it, but sometimes it becomes a little bit more acceptable if you do it for the sake of literary art. Whenever you`re in a public transport, in a queue, at the concert or just in the place where you can see many people, witness various situations, and overhear different conversations, you should always write down all ideas that come to your mind. Also, you can train your creative skills by imagining how that dialogue of a couple on a subway would have finished.

You Can Rule Someone`s Life

Puppet Show in a Story

Before you dive into the magical process of writing and creating made-up people, dialogues, and plot twists, you need to get a plan. Of course, you may hear that some authors don`t have a plan and they just write whatever comes to their mind and these works turn out to be a huge success. It`s true that there are those astonishingly talented people but keep in mind that they`re already professionals and you`re just learning how to be a writer.

Or you just need to write a story as a part of an assignment. Well, in this case, you`re going to need an express guide, don`t worry, we`re going to make it quick and clear. In fact, if you don`t have time at all, you can just address a cool reputable website that will help you with all kinds of article writing. Just don`t forget to mention all the requirements that you have and prepare to see a pleasantly surprised facial expression of your professor.

There is one trick that may help you to make things clear with your story plan. Draw it like a comic book. If your artistic skills are kind of lame, it doesn`t matter. It has to look like a story that makes sense, there have to be no words there, just pictures. That`s what screenwriters often do when they`re trying to come up with an idea for a new episode. When you have this pattern, then you can start filling out a story with details and dialogues.

Your Main Character

Superman’s Story

Having the main character in your story isn`t absolutely mandatory but it`s a traditional approach that is still going strong and people, in most cases, like it better than stories with multiple characters. What about “Friends”, “How I Met Your Mother” or “Big Bang Theory”? These TV-shows have multiple main characters that the whole plot is revolving around and an audience is enjoying watching their lives. Well, you see, a TV-show gives you much more time and opportunities to focus on every key character. But one short story won`t be able to fit the whole gang of pals in its thin frame. So, let`s focus on a protagonist of your story.

If it`s just a university assignment, you can apply a traditional pattern and it will work like a dream. Your main character is supposed to have a goal or a dream and the story will be aimed at telling the audience about a path that the character had to take in order to achieve that goal. It`s important to include an antagonist into the story because a golden rule of creative writing and even journalistic reporting says that it`s mandatory to have a conflict as a part of a narrative. People love drama! That`s why reality TV-shows have so many fans.

The Story Arc

Those who study creative writing as a course must know what it means, and those people probably won`t be reading this article. I believe all non-writers are waiting for an explanation here, huh? So, a story arc consists of the most important parts of your work. It`s an introduction where the first important event that basically starts the narrative takes place. For example, the main character enters the university, gets a dog or it can be something minor like losing an earring or getting coffee spilled on a coat. It just has to be a situation that brings a drastic difference to the ordinary life of your character.

Then, you develop your story and lead the narrative to the moment of an emotional and dramatic peak. In most movies or books, this is a scene when the main character almost gets killed or something like this but he/she never does. Usually, this moment is super intense. Just like in a film when they need to choose what wire to cut in order to defuse a bomb. And eventually, a superhero chooses the right one, the planet is saved and he/she gets a puppy. A happy end isn`t an iron rule, of course, but you need to make sure that the audience will be satisfied with the ending. If you don`t want to take those risks and calculate the odds of success of your creative writing, then you can just visit a website where you can buy an essay online and order any type of work you want.

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