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“Animal Cruelty”: Persuasive Essay Ideas

Nowadays, animal cruelty and testing are considered as a type of discrimination, which is accepted equally negatively as discrimination against race, nationality, sex or any other distinctions. To be clear, we would like to define the term of discrimination: it is a moral attitude to others, obviously worse for no objective reason. If your task is to complete a persuasive essay about animal cruelty you should consider following points and notions:

  • Discrimination;
  • Animal rights;
  • Animal testing;
  • Speciesism;
  • Animal interests;
  • Animal ethics;

What is more, you should note that persuasive paper requires a special approach as its aim is to convince the reader in the validity of your position. Check our blog post for more ideas and tips on your animal cruelty persuasive paper.

  1. Definition of speciesism as a cause of animal cruelty.
  • For most communities it is common to consider a human as a chief creature on the Earth, which is set on the very top of development ladder. This kind of attitude results in considering the human interests only with ignoring other species, although they have the same feelings as humans do: feel pain, suffer, experience parental feelings, pleasure and affection. Therefore, it is an unfair mistake to consider only those species, which act consciously.
  • Being aware of the grounds of the issue, we can define speciesism as unequal treatment of different species for excessive reasons. For example, different nations treat various animals, like cows or dogs, differently or even in diverse way, due to the national traditions and beliefs.
  1. How do people exploit animals?
  • Apart from discrimination, a worse problem of animal treatment and their rights violation exists. It is the animal exploitation, which means using the animals for hard labor, even sacrificing their lives and health for experiments and tests that can be helpful for human but dangerous for animals.
  • Examples of how humans exploit animals:
  • Using animal fur, skin and other parts of body as decoration and clothes;
  • Consuming animals in food;
  • Consuming animals products in food;
  • Using animals for hard labor;
  • Animals parts of body are used in cosmetics;
  • Killing animals for entertainment.
  • Animal species discrimination has 2 angles: in comparison to other animals and comparing to humans. Both of them need special approach and separate research.
  1. Tips on persuasive essay writing.
  • Persuasiveness is, basically, the quality, which is necessary for any type of essay you write as every writer wants his reader to believe him. However, if your task is to complete a “persuasive” essay you should consider this requirement with special care.
  • One of the most effective tools of reader’s convincing is proper argumentation. There are some key requirements to the arguments in persuasive essay, they must be:
  • Clear;
  • Precise;
  • Concise;
  • Logical;
  • True to life;
  • Supported by evidence.
  • Make sure that you use facts, statistics, figures, or real life examples as the support to your claims. Those are the pieces of evidence, which are the most efficient for arguments’ backup.
  • In persuasive genres sometimes you will need to appeal to the audience’s emotions. However, this technique is quite risky and can be used only by experienced persuaders.


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