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Essay about Career: Brief Writing Guide

Once you become a part of the college or university you should realize that it is a significant step that requires a lot of efforts and time but, factually, it is just a part of much more global segment of life – your career path. Remember that college is not the absolute aim of yours, it is rather a stage, during which you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for your future professional development. Therefore, you will often get assignment to write essays about your career as a continuation of your study. Here are the points to consider for successful paper completion.

Dream up your career.

  • When brainstorming about your career you are making more suggestions than stating the facts as you will be writing about future, not past events.
  • Think what the job of your dream is and what makes it attractive for you.
  • Do you know any people of this profession, whose success encourages you? Think about their career path – you may use these examples in your essay.
  • Make a list of the features which are interesting for you in this particular job: the qualities which you need to acquire this profession and the characteristics that the work will develop in you.
  • List the results that you hope to achieve in the career path.
  • Describe the preparations which you have already made for this job. Have you asked for advice the people, which work in this field? You may try the internship during your summer holidays as well.

Make your claim.

  • The career essay, like any other type of paper, must include thesis statement – your main point, which is typically placed at the end of an introductory part.
  • Your thesis should be clear and precise: a reader should not hesitate, which professional field you select and why.

Build up the story.

  • The claim, which you made, should be developed in arguments and supported by examples.
  • We recommend you to use real life stories for examples how you got interested or inspired in the specific job.
  • Also, you can tell the stories of prominent people working in this field: write about qualities and events that keep you encouraged and motivated.

Write a strong conclusion.

  • It is a common mistake to spend all the efforts on the essay’s introduction or body. Dedicate enough time to every part of your paper and make all the parts equally strong.
  • While the introductory part is a section for getting and focusing the reader’s attention, the conclusion is a part, which the reader will remember your essay for. Sum your main points and prove that your thesis statement is valid as you supported it with proper evidence.
  • Additionally, you can reveal some perspectives or things to think about for the audience in your introductory part.

Re-read and revise your paper.

  • When the drafting is finished it does not mean that you should end up with your essay. A significant stage that has left is revision.
  • We recommend re-reading your paper at least 2 more times. This will let you notice all possible grammar, stylistic, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Do not hesitate to spend some extra time on fixing them.

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