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How to Write a Persuasive Essay on Animal Testing?

Although animal testing has quite long history (it is known even from Ancient Greece), the sharp discussions about this issue started only few decades ago. It should be pointed out that no single position regarding this topic exists: some people consider animal testing necessary and unavoidable in the researches and experiments, other part of public state that this animal testing is a cruel expression of species discrimination. If you are puzzled with your assignment you can find helpful hints on persuasive writing and arguments to support each position: either you select positive or negative side of animal testing.

Stage 1. Choose your position.

  • The first thing you have to do before you start writing a persuasive essay is choosing the position, which you are going to defend and convince the reader in.
  • In the topic about animal testing, typically you can select between either pro or con side.
  • Both of them are quite fair and you can be sure about finding enough arguments despite which side you choose.
  • There are 2 main points to consider on the stage of selecting your points: your personal preferences (if you choose the side, which you agree on, it will be easier for you to find effective support and be a passionate persuader) and having enough arguments. In order to be sure about the last you should conduct a substantial research, which will study not only the points of your position but counterarguments as well.

Stage 2. Developing argumentation.

Pro side:

If you support animal testing you should consider the following arguments:

  • Animal testing allows developing the treatments, which can save the lives as animals so humans.
  • Animals have less intellectual abilities, which is why human life and health are considered more valuable and cannot be at risk.
  • A number of religious traditions exist from ancient times and they do not prohibit animal experimenting. What is more the Bible states that human is a creature dominating above all other animals on the Earth.
  • All the animals testing are held on terms of regulations and do not violate any of the current laws.
  • Most scientist today claim that animal testing is a vital part of research and cannot be substituted by other models of experimenting.
  • Animals do not possess equal rights with people; therefore, animal testing cannot be prohibited.
  • The investigations conducted with animals’ participation are held humanly and their animal safety is guaranteed.
  • Animals, indeed, do benefit from the testing: a number of vaccines have been developed due to experiments and they successfully protect the lives of animals nowadays.

Con side:

  • A number of alternative methods of testing exist today, such as testing on cell organisms, which can bring the same results and do not cause animal suffering.
  • Religions for real propagandize careful treatment of animals as love is a basic principle of most religions existing today.
  • The tests on animals are more expensive than the same help on computer models developed recently or cell organisms.
  • Human and animal health systems are still very different: there are important distinctions in metabolism, anatomy and cellular systems, which make the results of animal testing doubtful.

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