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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay


If you are aimed at getting a position of a nurse, you will most likely need to write a “why I want to be a nurse” essay. The admission committee will consider it while reviewing your application. Surely, to achieve your goal, you should know how to create a decent piece of writing that will help you stand out from the crowd. What will help you to make your nursing essay outstanding? Read on to find out. I have gathered some helpful tips on essay writing.

How to Write a Nursing Essay: Common Ideas in the New Light

There are a few common ideas that commonly appear in an average nursing admission essay. Trying to be extraordinary, you still should not omit them. Just try to shed new light on them.

I Want to Help People

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about the motivation to become a nurse is willingness to help people. Since I advise you to be sincere in your “why nursing” essay. This point needs to be mentioned. However, let the facts talk for you. Mention your experience in helping others: either your volunteering at a social organization or your participation in some movement, or just in everyday life. Describe the feelings you had while giving assistance to someone.

Philosophy of Nursing Essay Elements

To emphasize your suitability for a nursing profession in an essay, you should also consider the philosophy of the profession and use a few terms. If I were you, I would mention the term “empathy” and tell about its importance in the modern society. The proper nursing care simply cannot exist without empathy. But still, there are cases when a nurse should act cold-heartedly and consciously, limiting her feelings for a patient’s own good.

What is also important to mention is the value of a human being’s life and personality. A nurse is the one who is to put a person’s life and well-being first and consider this in all her decisions. The difficulty of the nursing lies in ethical dilemmas, when it is extremely hard to stick to one viewpoint and refuse the other. You should tell that you are aware of and ready for that, and your main priority will be your patient’s life.

Do not try to make the nurse a victim but mention that nursing is often connected with self-sacrificing. Along with the application of her knowledge, the nurse is supposed to give strong emotional support, and this is a psychologically challenging task. In your essay let the admission committee know that you understand it and that you consider the reward worth the efforts put. Introducing the nursing profession in a less romantic way but in the light of hard every-day work will make your essay true-to-life, so you will look a decent candidate in the eyes of the admission officer.

Things to Mention in a Nursing Essay That You Might Have Forgotten

Now, let me talk about less common things to include in your “why nursing” essay.

The Significance of the Profession in the Medical Field

Nurse with people

I would devote a few lines to disprove the idea that those who are not good enough to become a doctor choose nursing. This is quite a problematic issue, but you should be ready to support your profession. In your essay explain why nursing is a separate field and why a doctor cannot fulfil the duties of a nurse, and vice versa. It is very important to clearly see the differences between the professions, so I would advise to carry out some research to be concise and convincing.

Complex Knowledge Required for Working

In your “why I chose nursing” essay, it is necessary to mention that you are aimed at being a diligent student, since you are aware of all details you will need for working in the position.

The nurse is a lawyer to some extent, since she needs to clearly understand her duties and responsibilities, as well as respect the patient’s rights. She should consider the legal side in making decisions. All of her actions should be justified by law.

The nurse should also be a social worker to support her patients and make sure that no social issues prevent them from getting the necessary care. The nurse should be ready to face patients from different social classes and in different situations, so it is of a keen importance to know how to deal with social issues that may take place. Furthermore, nursing work should be unbiased. The nurse needs to provide equal care to representatives of different races, genders, religions, etc.

In addition, the nurse should know the basics of religious and cultural studies. This is necessary so as not to accidentally abuse patient’s beliefs. Some cultures and religions have special attitudes to touching as well as to medical practices. The nurse must respect them to the possible extent not to cause misunderstandings.

Mentioning the connections of nursing with other spheres in your essay will show the admission committee that you know the scope of the profession and are ready to learn all the necessary details.

To Crown Up

So, “why I chose nursing” essay should not be just an unstructured reflection about how it is important to help people. There are a lot of issues you need to include and muse over in order to express your readiness to occupy the position. Only outlining the scope of the profession with all its challenges and requirements in a concise and well-structured manner will help you impress and achieve your goal.

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