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Catchy Heading: How Can One Create It?

As the world keeps offering us tons of information in form of articles, blogs, posts and other kinds of texts, people have started choosing what to read carefully. Therefore, the main goal of a writer (whether he is a content or an academic writer) is to put a cherry on a top of their writing, which will be a catchy heading. About 85% of people only read headings, and never take a look at the text if the heading did not give a right impression. So, how does one create good headings?

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Make It Shocking

Basically, headings use doublespeak or special formulas to manipulate the reader. You need to understand, what attracts/shocks/scares people and how it can be used in a heading. However, the information given should be correct, even if exaggerated. Do not lie with numbers and names, so your reader trusts your writing and finds it reliable. Just find the shocking information and stress it with the heading, even if your writing only contains a paragraph on the topic.

For example:

“Thousands of People Suffer from Acid Attacks”

“You Will Not Believe What the Sausages Are Made of!”

Make It Stick Out

Most people will not pay attention to a number they have already seen multiple times (Top 10 list, for example). Use a different number for your “Top” article, try making it a 14, 28, 11, 4 positions long list. 3,5,7,10 are the most common ones, so you want to avoid them.

Also, you may want to use exclamation marks and caps. Usually they are to be avoided, and this can be of a great help to make your title stick out from a dozen of other publications.

Another trick is to make your heading longer than the other ones. Try making it 7 words and longer. Challenge your reader by not wishing to make it simpler for them.


Make It Controversial

In case you are writing about a topic that is known to spark both positive and negative reactions, make it play the trick! Your goal is to stress the opinion about the situation, and watch the read your article. The thing is that those who agree will read it because they are glad to reveal another person who shares their point. Those who do not and feel outraged because of your claim will read it because they want to find out how wrong you are, even though only they will know about it.

For example:

“____ Will Lead Us to Failure”

“Reasons Why the Bible Cannot Be Trusted”

Use Another Language

All the headings are written in English, which makes them common. You may add a work or a phrase from a different language, but try to use well-known ones. It will help in two ways:

  1. The reader will believe you are a well-rounder who must be a professional in the field.
  2. The reader will feel educated and smart because of understanding the phrase you have included.

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