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Students’ Classification in Schools and Colleges

Of course, all the students have their own unique personalities but all the pupils in a classroom usually divide into small groups according to their interests and features of character. Here are some common personality traits that can be met in almost every typical classroom:


  • A victim

    Victims or bullies are usually shy and unconfident students who cannot stand for themselves and, as a result, become easy targets for local jokes and rumors. Their classmates prefer not to support them because of the fear of becoming a bully too.

  • A clown

    Every typical classroom has a couple of students who think that their true calling is to keep everybody entertained. They love being in the spotlight and getting a lot of attention to their personalities, thus, usually invent new and new ways of how to make themselves noticeable.

  • A princess

    In every class, there is "The Girl"-the one that is considered to be the most beautiful, the most popular, and the most sought after by everyone. More often than not, she is also smart and intelligent.

  • A leader

    Usually, it's an extremely hard-working and highly motivated individual, someone, whom everyone looks up to. Leaders are often lead by example as they are very enthusiastic, initiative, and self-confident students.

  • A mouse

    Usually, these are extremely quiet and timid students. They don't have friends, never get into any troubles, never participates in classroom activities or discussions, always stay clear of conflicts and dramas. They prefer sitting alone at classes and lunch.

  • A nerd

    Typically, nerds are seen as strange students. They usually have very specific interests, and it may seem they are living in their own reality. Classmates usually don't understand nerds and this makes them become easy targets for bullies.

  • A drama queen

    Of course, there is no classroom without a person who can create a conflict out of nowhere. These students are tremendous manipulators and can change up any story to ensure everyone that there is drama there. During conversations they clearly see what buttons should be pushed are very good at it.

  • An oblivious one

    These students are usually the main reason for any teacher's frustration. They always forget everything, they are often late for their classes, and they are terribly self-organized. Their desks and lockers are usually in a mess.

  • A chatterbox

    The type of students who are ready to talk to a wall if there is nobody else around. They always have a word to say and a question to ask, they usually eagerly take part in all the classroom discussions and love to participate in different conferences and contests.

  • A clueless one

    The type of students,who don't understand sarcasm or local jokes. They are often verbally bullied and laughed at by their classmates.

  • A kind one

    Every classroom has students who are not popular, sought-after, extremely smart or intelligent, but they still remain well-liked and respected among their peers.

  • A well-organized one

    The students who are always prepared for every challenge. They are serious about the deadlines and always remember about all the important tests and assignments. These people are usually neat, punctual and are very good at managing their time.

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