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Changing Life In 8 Minutes: Practical Recommendations

Goals Achieving

If you want to change your life for better, you will have to work a lot. Really a lot. Nevertheless, you can divide your big goal into smaller steps. Sometimes changes do not need as much time as we think they do. One fixed thing a day, one useful habit a week and you are closer to a global life change.

Here are 5 useful skills which you can acquire by spending only one hour per week on them. What is one hour per week? It is exactly 8 minutes a day!

  1. 1. Become More Self-Confident

    Normal self-confidence is one of the most important features which you should develop in order to live more happily. When we are confident in ourselves we deal with our life issues with more energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, we achieve our goals faster. We are calmer while deciding something and are more interested in our future. Confidence becomes a shield which protects us from the outer world and the magnifying glass that can help us see everything in details. There are a lot of different ways to develop this feature, and you should go and find the one that works best for you. It was proven that even replacing your old clothing with some new comfortable and pretty one to spend time in and around the house can boost your self-confidence greatly.

    Spend 8 minutes every day for an occupation which will make you more self-confident. You may write down your strengths on the sheet of paper, praise yourself, learn how to stop your inner critic from blabbering or train poses and gestures of a confident person.

  2. 2. Develop Awareness

    Awareness puts your thoughts in order, brings clearness and improves the ability to concentrate to your life. People who practice awareness open new possibilities, see the world in a more positive way and reach deeper level of self-cognition. Good news: 7-8 minutes of the practice each day will be enough for developing this feature. Moreover, you can do it wherever you want, even at work. Take a responsibility to not miss the exercises. Here is an easy exercise: "An ability to stop the thoughts".

    You need to sit still, think only about breathing in and out. Do not pay attention to the other thoughts which will definitely come to your mind. Keep concentrated on your breathing. Soon will come a day when you will reach an absolute silence inside of your head. Try it and you will have a chance to realize how much unneeded noise we cannot hear, but the influence of which is undeniable.

  3. 3. Become a Creative Person

    Independently on your definition of yourself as a non-creative person, development of creative element is rather useful. Creativity is a good way to let your brain rest from everyday tasks. It will result in a surge of energy and power. Creative work helps in self-expression and raises self-appraisal. When you sing a song, paint a painting or write a novel, you touch your deepest feelings, especially those which are hard to deal with.

    When we select a creative approach we express ourselves in the most convenient form, we understand ourselves in a better and deeper way.

    Choose and reserve the time in your calendar which you could spend on creation. Do not think about the results. Just paint, write, sing. Do whatever you want. You can even draw a pineapple and make photo sessions with it. Being creative goes hand-in-hand with being a kid, letting your usual complaining self go. Keep making the world brighter, more interesting, more dimensional.

  4. 4. Learn How to Deal with a Stress

    We all happen to have quite hard days, which sometimes extend to weeks and months. Work, small home stuff, problems and stresses do not add more joy to your life. Some methods of stress removal will help you reduce the psychological pressure from those factors and will teach you how to fight against stress.

    Anti-stress ritual should not be so difficult, so that you will not lose your interest or motivation to do it. You should take these practices as joyful and not be scared of them. Make your anti-stress exercise easy and pleasant. It should consist of the elements which give you relaxation and joy, as well as improve your mood in general.

  5. To-Do List
  6. 5. Become an Organized Person

    One of the secrets on how to find time for almost everything is to write a to-do list for every day. You should keep it in your sight of view and be guided by it. Making to-do lists gives you the whole picture of what is necessary to do. We get an opportunity to sort out every difficulty which is there in our tasks. Give yourself 7-8 minutes every day in the morning or in the evening, before going to bed, to plan your day. This habit will make you more organized and you will be able to make everything on time. Also, it will be better if you suddenly remember an important task before it is too late and can complete it if squeeze your schedule a bit.

    To crown it all, you should always keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and this is why your personality is an endless list of possibilities to improve. 

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