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Getting that Driving License, Instructions for Dummies

Car Riding

If that time has come and your parents/friends/beloved one are pushing you to pass a driving permit test and start taking them to everywhere they want in case they are not in the condition to do that themselves (everything can happen), this article will be helpful for you to find out the main hints and tricks of a successful learning and passing the examination test. Do not be afraid to use them when preparing for the test and stay satisfied with your obtained skills. Enjoy!

ATTENTION! The successful reading of this article alone does not provide you with a successful passing the driving permit test. Learn some rules too!

Let's Get It Started

Learning process to take a driving test can be a daunting task only in case you do not know how to start. Therefore, we have developed a concise plan exactly for you to be content with the result later. But first, let's think about what a driving license gives you in your life.

If the hustle and bustle in metro or bus does not make you feel good but provokes your digestive system for involuntary spasms, then you definitely need some space like a car to stand in traffic jams for hours but have PRIVACY.

  • Find some samples of the test not to get lost on a real one. It is like preparing for any test: you may have the necessary knowledge but sometimes the structure and forms of the questions can confuse you. Do not let it happen. Also, mind the practical part, for that you may find some online games about driving a car properly or have someone in a car (preferably with a driving license but grandma will do too :)) while doing your first probes;
  • Go through the driving manual of your state at least twice. If you think this tip would not appear then you underestimate the power of rules. However, they exist and they are ubiquitous, mentioning one-time ride of your uncle's car somewhere in the countryside will not save you from the theoretical part of the test (let's be honest, it will not save you from any part of the test);
  • Practice as much as possible. The remembering of rules will be successful when applying them into practice, so try to take as much mock tests as possible, ask your friends to check how good you have learned the rules and how well you know how to act of some situation;
  • Become a sign expert. Even as an ordinary pedestrian belonging to the world of trotters you may prepare yourself for honing your skills and moving to another level of a privileged society of petrol wasters. All in all, knowledge of signs will never be redundant and in your case, make you learn the necessary rules much quicker;
  • Read through the common mistakes newcomers make in order to prevent yourself from making them;
  • Learn how to park. We all know how to start driving but parking is something that comes only afterwards. Do you think a professional driving is being recognized by the speed of his or her driving? No, we recognize them by their parking skills even in the most inconvenient places. Always check mirrors when parking!
  • Stay positive. No, you are not a loser if you failed it. No, you are not going to walk on foot for the rest of your life (until you want if of course). Be in a good mood, sleep well before the test and be sure in your awareness of the rules as well as driving skills and you will surely slay it.

Practical Part in a Car

In a Car with Instructor

Here comes the most intriguing part of your test and it is driving in a car with an examiner.

Do not be afraid to ask questions! Usually, you are required to talk with the driving examiner as he or she will want to know how you behave in some specific situation on a road before doing the action. Of course, it all depends on the person you are sitting with, just be nice and you will be fine.

If you cannot keep calm while driving, try to occupy your head with the thoughts about what you are doing right now. It will be like "So now I am turning left and I see a sign "Stop" so I must press the pedal and apply the brake".

Be very attentive and keep in mind all previous instructions from a probe driving. Usually a test starts from very easy tasks like driving straight or roundabouts, then it becomes more complex finishing with parking a car not always in the best place to do that. Be ready for a challenge and take it.

Mind every sign and traffic lights on your way. If the sign shows "stop" - you stop. The whole thing lies in a nutshell.

Do not be too talkative but always reply to the examiner's inquiries. Do not look at them but keep your eyes on the road. Do not be afraid to turn your head as much as needed and look into mirrors.

Just remember: as soon as you feel confident and focused, you will have no problems with this part.

How to Feel in Car Like a Pro (Carefully, Contains Jokes)

A Pro in a Car

Was passing the exam success but you still feel nervous when driving a car? Do not worry, this anxiety will pass with some time but just in case we would like to give you some hints on how to feel more comfortable in a car.

  • Calm your nerves. Settling your nerves and realizing that it is not an apocalypse if you fail or succeed will be the best way to look confident when holding a steer;
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest "transport" news. This is basically any vehicle rules that have been changed. If you read and listen to news as often as you can, no surprising rules on the road will catch you unaware;
  • Adjust the car to your own preferences, which is: modifying the seat height to freely reach pedals, checking the general condition of your car like lights, tires, windshield wipers, inside devices (not so detailed as you may get tired of doing that every day but periodically);
  • Make sure you are with a good person in a car. If someone who sits near you starts irritating your majesty, it is time you placed them at behind or just threw out of the car. Bad memories may add to some tension between you and your beloved vehicle, it is easier to get rid of people instead;
  • Do not drive neither too slowly or too fast. In the first option, you will irritate other drivers, in another one put yourself into danger.

That's it! Have a nice preparation period for learning thoroughly and have no qualms in doing a driving permit exam with ease!

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