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Education research topics.

Education is an evitable part of our social life including various aspects, such as psychological, methodology of teaching, professional development of a learner and teacher, and schooling. Since education exists in the state of constant dynamic development it changes from year to year and its history should be learnt as well. When you are writing you should consider that education sphere includes the side of the teacher, the student, covers psychological and social aspects of life. Here you can find topics for education research paper grouped under various subcategories.

Topics about standards in education.

  • How can educational standards bring success?
  • Misunderstanding of educational policy by schools.
  • Typical deviations of educational standards.
  • Standards of academic writing.
  • Pros and cons of standardized tests and exams.
  • Does integrated curriculum help to meet standards?
  • Policies and standards of national education.
  • The effective ways to set and measure standards at schools.
  • Methods of reaching educational standards.
  • How to prepare for standardized tests: learning and assessment rules.
  • Reform in educational standards.
  • How to consider every student in standardized testing.
  • Does standardized testing lead to loosing creativity.
  • Ethical issues of school testing.
  • Influence of testing on student’s self-esteem.
  • Should students have testing in from elementary school?
  • School programs that prepare students for taking standardized tests.
  • Validity of current student assessment programs.
  • How to measure intellect with the help of tests?
  • Should reexamination be allowed?
  • Science standardized testing.

Topics about schooling.

  • Alternative schooling nowadays.
  • Alternative education influenced by juvenile justice.
  • Disaffected young people and way of their educating.
  • Educational programs in alternative schools.
  • Pros and cons of alternative education.
  • The influence of gender, cultural background, ethnicity and age on schooling.
  • Success fear issues at schools.
  • Innovative methods in alternative education.
  • The effectiveness of home schooling.
  • Controversial questions in homeschooling.
  • Characteristics of home schoolers.
  • Home schooling for students with disabilities.
  • School dress code.
  • The significance of school uniform.
  • The role of school dress code in providing security and safety.
  • Teacher’s dress code: should every participant of educational process be restricted in what they wear?
  • Main principles in schools dress code.
  • Does dress code in school restrict student’s freedom?
  • Dress code in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic schools.
  • How to choose a right school?
  • School choices in different countries.
  • Public schooling VS private education.
  • Consequences of the wrong school choice.

Topics about educational relationships.

  • Techniques of student evaluating.
  • How to help students to improve their ratings.
  • Effectiveness of teaching.
  • Higher education teaching evaluation.
  • Can student’s evaluation of teaching be reliable?
  • How are teacher – student relationships modified in online education?
  • Should parents participate in educational process of their children?
  • Parents’ role in education.
  • The relationship of family and school.
  • Ethical issues of parent’s participation in schooling.
  • Extra-curriculum activities involving parents.
  • Parenting behaviors in educating process.
  • The peculiarities of education in minority families.
  • Parents and teachers communication.

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