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Sociology topics for research paper

Sociology is a kind of discipline that involves numerous questions that need to beresearched about. Mainly, it touches upon anything connected with people: social groups, culture, commodities, traditions, habbits, family, and gender issues. Therefore, if your only limit for research paper is keeping your writing in sociology frames you will, definitely, have enough topics to choose among. Our article will provide with ideas for your topic and some tips on its selecting.

Tips on selecting the topic for research paper:

  • make sure that your topic is broad enough since research paper is a big genre of academic writing;
  • when you have found a topic that is worthy to conduct research you are to narrow its focus. In other words, select a particular aspect that you are able to work on properly.
  • consider the topics, which you feel passionate about only. This is a clue for making writing more exciting and getting the reader interested.

Research paper topics about gender:

  • Gender inequality throughout history.
  • Gender inequality nowadays.
  • Stereotypes based on gender factor.
  • Male/ female professions.
  • Do we still have gender classification of jobs?
  • Glass ceiling.
  • The phenomena of "geek girls".
  • Women in technical professions.
  • The effective methods of overcoming gender stereotypes.
  • The history of feminism.
  • Main principles and achievements of feminist movement.

Topics about health care:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of free medicine.
  • The issue of trust in doctor - patient relationships.
  • Medical ethics.
  • Keeping privacy in the questions of health care.
  • Pros and cons of mandatory medical insurance.
  • Why are we typically afraid of doctors?
  • Stereotypes about doctors and nurses.
  • Alternative medicine: is it popular in the society that you live in?
  • Special medical care for socially unprotected citizens.
  • AIDS/HIV ethics issues.
  • Special social status of disabled people.
  • Effective ways of treatment for mental disabilities.
  • The most efficient methods of fighting with children obesity.

Topics about conflicts.

  • The meaning and origin of a term "conflict".
  • Types of conflicts.
  • Conflicts and their resolutions.
  • The biggest conflicts in a human history.
  • What are the ways of avoiding conflict situations?
  • Should conflicts be avoided or resolved?
  • War in a conflict theory.
  • Effects of frequent conflicts in family life.
  • The effect of parent's conflicts on a child.
  • Negotiating as one of the working ways of conflict resolution.
  • The most typical causes of family conflicts.
  • Conflicts on a religious basis.
  • Conflict as a result of mis-understanding.
  • Tolerance as a solution to any conflict.
  • The basic components of tolerance.

Topics about education.

  • The concept of education.
  • A history of education in Western world.
  • Basic principles of education on the East.
  • Interdependence of culture and education.
  • Is a good education essential for career building?
  • The most effective methods of adult education.
  • Types of modern education.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Non-traditional educational institutions.
  • Should we learn foreign languages?
  • The innovative methods in primary/ secondary/ high school.

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