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English on the Internet. Use It Wisely


Perhaps you have already seen hundreds of articles on "5/9/100 reasons to learn English". Yes, the topic is popular, but we decided to submit our view for your approval. Look at learning in a new way! You will see why studying English is not only interesting, but also profitable!

Our favorite Internet. Every day we spend from 2 to 12 hours on a variety of websites. In the World Wide Web, you can find work, entertainment, training courses, the possibility of additional earnings.

About 90% of the total volume of information is presented in English. One does not physically have time to translate such volumes. In addition, the translation may not accurately convey (or deliberately change) the meaning of information. English-language resources are not only interesting, but also useful. They can be used to gain valuable knowledge, acquire new friends and, of course, additional earnings.

How Can You Use the Knowledge of English on the Internet?

  1. An additional source of information for students and scientists

    If you are preparing to defend a diploma at a university or write a thesis, information in your native language may not be enough for your work. In addition, it has long been used by everyone who wished. The most cunning students download abstracts from English-language sites, translate them and give to scientific supervisors.

    We do not encourage you to violate copyrights, but we recommend that you use additional sources. Young scientists will especially benefit from the study of foreign scientific articles and journals. About 50% of scientific and technical articles are published in English. Without knowing the language, you lose the opportunity to most accurately state the problematic issue of your dissertation and, perhaps, make a discovery in science.

  2. Business expansion

    English will put your business on a new "track".

    Alas, without the knowledge of English, your business risks not being noticed by a wide audience. Is it nice to imagine yourself the owner of a large corporation in 5-7 years? Then start learning English today, create a website and offer your products to overseas buyers. With the expansion of business, there will be a need to communicate with foreign partners, suppliers, consumers. No translators and secretaries will save you from different unpleasant situations. The international tongue of business communication is English, a modern businessman needs to know it at least at the level of Upper-Intermediate.

  3. Free learning courses

    The most up-to-date training programs and courses are available exclusively in English. About half of them are completely free! Who owns the information, owns the world. And the latest information can be obtained in English-language courses. Of course, you can wait until they are translated. But there is a risk that your competitors will take possession of valuable knowledge earlier and successfully use them. This point is especially relevant for those who work in dynamically developing spheres, for example, IT. There are websites where you can study and improve your skills absolutely for free.

    Upon completion of studying, a certificate is issued that is of great value when applying for a job.

  4. The newest computer programs

    Some useful computer programs have not been translated yet. New developments appear almost daily, and many of them are free. You will not be able to use simple and accessible utilities without knowing English. First of all, this is relevant for designers, including freelancers. Learning English will allow you to use free online applications, as well as modern graphics and design programs that have not been translated yet. You gain a weighty advantage over colleagues who do not find time for English.

  5. Free pictures for creativity

    With English, you are available hundreds of photo banks and free photos, pictures, various templates. Foreigners are more loyal to using their masterpieces. They are happy to share personal photos, and quite high-quality ones.

    You will need knowledge of English if you want to register (this is a mandatory condition of use on some websites). In addition, the language will be needed for navigation. These completely free pictures can be used for non-commercial purposes: to post on your website or blog, to do photo collages, to use as wallpaper for your desktop.

  6. Free content for your website/blog

    Some "gurus" of blogging do not hide that they sometimes spread translated articles on their website, slightly supplementing and processing them. With high-quality editing and rewriting, they manage to get captivating viral content without significant costs. This option will be a great help if a capricious muse has left your copywriter. It will be useful to get acquainted with foreign websites for those who think that it is impossible to say anything new about the topic of the resource. It is not recommended using this method constantly, all the same, the ideas should be original.

  7. "Smart" purchases

    The most popular foreign online stores (for example, eBay) are available only to those who know English. Descriptions of goods and sections of websites are not translated. On such resources, usually, there are the lowest prices and a wide range of goods. Therefore, English will help save a significant amount on purchases.

    Before you buy this product or another, you can see its video review on YouTube. Pay attention to English-language videos. They appear much earlier.

  8. Searching for a spouse

    Knowledge of English will allow to register on foreign websites without outside help and communicate with foreigners without resorting to expensive agency services.

  9. The latest news

    The most recent international news is initially in English on the Internet, they are broadcasted by the largest channels like the BBC. You will be the first to see what the rest will find out in a couple of hours. In addition, you can watch English-language cognitive programs.

  10. New friends

    Another very nice "bonus" for learning English: your circle of acquaintances will expand significantly. You will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the inhabitants of English-speaking countries on foreign websites, forums on interests. Thanks to foreign friends, you will get acquainted with the culture of different peoples, you can visit a new friend. In addition, foreigners are optimistic and well-bred people.

    We hope you enjoyed reading our tips. In the following articles, we will tell you a lot more about the use of English.

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