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Fast Memory Improvement

Improving memory will give you a lot of benefits for your student`s life as well as for your daily routine.


When working on memorizing something, create your own associations with each topic or a piece of information. They may make any sense to anyone, but you; they can be strange, funny, unexpected. The idea is that when you create an association with something, you create another link in your memory, and it helps you to divide blocks of information into smaller pieces and gives you a chance to find every block faster in the “storage” of your memory. Your associations will become keys for every block – when remembering it you will have an easy access to the whole piece of information.

Sleep on it

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that if you put a book under your pillow, the next morning you will wake up knowing everything that the book has in it. It would have made our lives so much easier, wouldn’t it? The idea of “sleeping on” something you are trying to memorize means that it is very useful to study in the evening, before you go to sleep. Make sure that you do not watch TV or read a relaxing book after – go to sleep as soon as you are finished with studying. Our brain keeps on working when we are asleep, it generalizes and sorts off all the information it has received through the day. This way your brain will put what you had learnt in a reachable place, so your memory has an easy access to it when it needs it. This simple trick is used not only by the students all over the world, but by many actors as well. Who knows, maybe Jonny Depp learns his parts in the same way, and by sleeping on what you had learned you will have something in common with him!

Make breaks

Make breaks

You surely have noticed that after some time spent on working or learning your brain starts to work much slower: it becomes harder for you to focus, you keep on catching yourself thinking about something else. It is very important to give yourself breaks, so your brain can “reload” itself. It is said that we rest when we change the type of activity. On those breaks it is important to get some fresh air, to do some physical exercises, it is a great idea to go for a walk with a dog or to go jogging. Don’t think that you lose time with such breaks: they help you to focus and to be more attentive.


Not only moving while you are on a break is very useful, but it also plays an important role in the process of studying. Walk, jump, tiptoe while studying – it stimulates the work of the brain and helps your memory. It is also useful to change a place where you are learning – when you start working on a new chapter or a new block of information, go to another room or go to study outside. Changing of the surroundings contributes to your brain activity and helps you to remember more.

Good food

Eat “brain-friendly” food

It is always important to have enough sleep and to eat healthy food. It is an interesting fact that there are some types of food that stimulate brain activity and improve your memory! Among them there are nuts (especially walnuts), pumpkin seeds, fish, dark chocolate, cocoa, avocados, whole-wheat products, blueberry, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, olive oil. Enjoy tasty food and improve your memory!

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