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My Career Path: how to find it and write an essay about

According to statistics, 80% of young people determine a successful career as a vital part of their happiness. Nowadays, career became equally important to all representatives of human race: man and women, young, middle or elder age, any nationalities and ethnicities. Therefore, building a proper career path is one of the top tasks for every individual. Here you can find tips on how to ease the search of your path and how to write an essay about your career plans and achievements.

Top methods of finding the career path.

  1. You should start with analyzing your preferences: think which activities keep you feel energetic, motivated or just in good mood. Make a list of them and review critically the ones, which you can earn money with.
  2. Remember that there might be a number of things that you enjoy doing but there must be only some of them that you do the best. Think of which ones you are the most talented in.
  3. Try a scientific approach: a range of prof-orientation tests are available online today. For sure, they will not give you 100% results but at least they will let you determine your abilities and priorities.
  4. Modern education provides us with numerous opportunities: get enrolled into a certain internship that you feel interested in and make sure that this is the job that is worth doing and which you can cope with. Additionally, internship will allow you to acquire a number of precious practical skills necessary for a full-time job.
  5. Look for people that inspire you. Every profession has real masters: you can read their guides, ask for advice and follow. Usually those are the people genuinely inspired by their work so you can catch some motivation from them.
  6. Ask other people which profession is suitable for you. Often your friends and even strange can notice the qualities of yours, which you have never even thought about.
  7. Think of the obstacles that you will meet on your career path. Do not imagine your way as a line of accomplishments but of the difficulties, which you are to overcome. This method is not fully optimistic but will prepare you to real life challenges.

How to write an essay about your career path.

  • Start with making a list of the attainments that you have made. Review them several times and select those ones, which were meaningful for your career.
  • Divide the way which you have to undergo or plan to go through into steps. Every success hides a struggle behind. Do not lessen the efforts you dedicated to the results achieved.
  • Remember to back up your statements with evidences. If you characterize something or make a claim let the reader be assured that you tell the truth: provide them with examples and facts from your life.
  • Try some persuasive techniques in your paper: there is a number of language tools, which will make your writing look more convincing and, hence, more effective.
  • Be creative: avoid vague phrases and general adjectives. Try to be as specific as possible.

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