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Essay Writing. Persuasive and Argumentative Types: Part 2

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Here we continue talking about two common types of essays and how to write them in the best way. Even if these two types of writing surely have something familiar in the way they should be written, there is a big difference between them. Let’s discover how to write both of the essay types efficiently and what the main distinctions are.

So What Are The Distinctions?

As we’ve already discussed in the previous part, a persuasive essay is usually completed to make the audience agree with the author by making readers feel emotions. The writer shouldn’t necessarily have a lot of facts in order to build a fantastic persuasive composition, he or she just has to understand and be aware of the audience who will read his or her writing. As often, ideas that seem attractive to teenagers may not have the same impact on more mature individuals. If an author feels his public and sees what emotions should be awoken in order to convince them of the needed point of view, no doubts, the essay will surely be a good piece of work. On the contrary to the persuasive essay, argumentative one should be based on accurate facts only, it should be built on logical thinking, calculations, statistic data, scientifically proven information etc. In other words, logic and reasons should dominate in this type of writing. It cannot be well-completed if the author isn’t aware of all the possible aspects and facts concerning the subject of discussion. He or she doesn’t have to know his or her audience; they just have to have a valid knowledge in the needed sphere.


The objective

Argumentative: convince the reader of the needed point of view by using statistic data, scientific facts, calculations etc.

Persuasive: convince the reader of the needed point of view by causing emotions and feelings.


Argumentative: the writer should perform a deep research before beginning and get to know all the possible facts about the sphere which the essay should be written in.

Persuasive: no research is required. The writer can just play on the feelings and write the essay without any valid preparations.

What is based on

Argumentative: logic and scientific facts.

Persuasive: personal convictions, feelings, emotions.

Opposing views

Argumentative: always admit them.

Persuasive: may avoid them being mentioned.


Argumentative: the author addresses to minds of his readers.

Persuasive: the writer appeals to hearts of the people who will read it.


Argumentative: the writer doesn’t need to have any special information regarding the audience.

Persuasive: the writer should be familiar with the facts regarding the people who will read his work, like the age range for example. This is required in order to know what should be mentioned so to cause the needed reaction from the audience.

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