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Essays on Stereotypes: Writing Clues

The notion of stereotype merges a number of concepts and can be classified under different criteria. Therefore, a range of various types of essays can be written if your topic is “stereotype”. For example, you can consider completing a definition essay to provide your personal definition of the term. Also, it is a good idea to develop the criteria for stereotype separation and write a classification essay that will explain each type. Find more tips and ideas for essays on stereotypes in our blog post.

Ideas for Definition Essay About Stereotypes

  • If you decide to write a definition essay, you should consider starting with etymology of the notion. The historical insight usually provides better understanding of the concept.
  • The fact that the word “stereotype” origins from printing terminology. It can interest the reader and draw their attention. So, you can use it as an attention grabber in your essay’s introductory part.
  • Remember that each feature with which you characterize the notion must be precise as well as the definition itself has to be brief and accurate.
  • Every attribute that you add to your definition must be explained with arguments and supported by facts or examples.

Hints for Classification Essay on Stereotypes

  • First of all, you should keep in mind that stereotype is a phenomenon that can be interpreted in sociological and psychological ways. Do not mix those focuses as they are completely different. Select a trend which is suitable for your task and develop a classification within its bounds.
  • Secondly, you have to clarify the criteria for classification. This will allow you to make your writing clear and logical.
  • Consider dividing the notion of stereotypes into different categories (national, decorative, descriptive, restrictive) and redefining each of them. Remember to clarify each of the types as well.

Psychological Essay on Stereotypes

  • If you decide to limit your writing scope with psychology only, you should consider reviewing following points:
  • The definition of stereotype and stereotyping process from the psychological point of view;
  • Cognitive functions of stereotypes;
  • How stereotyping helps to categorize information about the world;
  • The process of stereotype formation and its main stages;
  • How stereotypes are activated;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of stereotypes for human mind;
  • The process of “self-stereotyping”;
  • How stereotypes help people to fulfill themselves;
  • Threats brought by stereotyping.

Essay About National Stereotypes

  • In case your topic deals with national stereotypes you will likely touch upon the sociological aspect of the issue, which is why you will have to use the appropriate terminology on this matter.
  • You can complete an expository or argumentative paper about a certain nationality or compare and contrast the stereotypes of 2 or more nationalities. Remember that different tools are used in those types of papers.
  • Expository and argumentative papers presuppose that you develop a certain claim which is supported by arguments proved with the help of evidence.
  • The comparative paper uses argumentation as well, but the difference lies in having at least 2 subjects of writing and a slightly changed structure. This allows the writer to juxtapose the subjects compared.

Some Examples of Interesting Stereotypes for Your Essay

Regardless of whether you have a particular assigned topic for the essay or you are going to choose one of those that are mentioned above, you will need to provide a few bright examples of stereotypes and stereotypical thinking. They will help you to illustrate your ideas more clearly becoming good basis and evidence for them, as well as to make your paper more informative and interesting.

A Few Prior Remarks

Before you start, let’s have a look at some essential things you should take into account in order not to make any factual mistakes and not to spoil your writing with them.

  • Check whether the stereotype you choose to use as an example in your essay is scientifically proved or not. If some research has been conducted to prove that a particular generally accepted opinion is true and scientists have succeeded, then such stereotype can be treated as a valid scientific fact and not as a prejudice.
  • In order not to face complex ethical issues concerning various kinds of stereotypes, focus on the so-called positive stereotypes or, again, on those which have been proved by real scientific research. Hence you can avoid dealing with controversies around this or that stereotypical idea and be sure that your personal opinion is impartial and inoffensive to others.

Examples of Social Stereotypes

  • Most of college/university students who come from other cities study well.
  • Those children who have younger siblings are never selfish.
  • Sportsmen stick to healthy lifestyle.
  • Doctors rarely get ill.
  • Those people who can play musical instruments can sing beautifully as well.

Examples of Gender Stereotypes

  • Women are very caring.
  • Women can stand severe pain.
  • Men are good at telling jokes.
  • Men can be good chefs and designers.
  • Men can control their emotions.

Examples of National Stereotypes

  • The Japanese and Germans are disciplined and punctual.
  • Most of the Chinese know kung-fu and other martial arts.
  • The British love tea.
  • The French are very exquisite cookers.
  • Americans are very open-minded.

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