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Falling Asleep? I Don’t Need That!

Sleeping Student

Students like to postpone tasks until the last day, sometimes even the last night! They use all the possible and impossible methods to stay awake to work hard. Sometimes it seems that one night decides everything. We believe in that until the last moment, but then there is a more significant problem – how not to fall asleep?

What to Consider First

If you had planned to stay awake all night long in advance, you should sleep well before it. It is not recommended to turn the tradition of sleepless nights into a habit. Better try not to "go take a nap for half an hour" before the “night of fun” with deadlines. For half an hour you can plunge into the deep stage of sleep and wake up with the feeling of depression. Even if you find the strength to work, it will be a slow and inefficient process, especially, when it comes to mental work.

Food and Drinks

It is also necessary to eat during the day. However, listen to your body. In some cases, light hunger can be a barrier to falling asleep. It is recommended to eat healthy food. Chocolate is undoubtedly a source of energy, but this energy is quickly exhausted. Nevertheless, a piece of dark chocolate and water with lemon can help fight sleep better. Experience shows that it is difficult to fall asleep during meals. If you are sceptic about the night eating, try an alternative method, like chewing a gum or mint candy.

Don’t forget about well-known savior! What is that? Coffee! You need to take into account your individual characteristics. It is also recommended to drink a great amount of liquid. Feel free to take a bottle of mineral water and start working. Energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar and are bad for heart and stomach and do not always work. So use less of their aid.

Additional Tricks

Listening to Music

It happened so that our body used to feel active in daylight, and at night it tends to rest. To stay awake at night, you need to create the illusion of daylight. Simply turn on lights everywhere to trick the body and make it work. For effective implementation of the plan "sleepless night" should be added to the list of physical activities, you may even go for a walk. If you do not have roommates, you can just turn the music on high volume. Do the tasks while listening to the track list that will not let you sleep.

Everyone, of course, chooses in which period the work goes better. However, do not get used to the lack of sleep – the body needs it to function fully. In most cases even super important tasks are not worth losing your health.

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