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Becoming a Vegetarian and Why Is It Good/Bad to Be One: Writing Tips

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The idea of vegetarian diet is based on eating only plant food that has undergone any cooking. People that are fond of this system do not eat meat and fish. It is believed that today there are more than 800 million people in the ranks of vegetarians. Some follow this diet because of religious and philosophical justification. Others have more mundane reasons (e.g., lack of money for meat). There are also people, who feel the desire to stand out, joining the west fashion trend. Still, often those who are attached to vegetarianism, sincerely believe that it will be a benefit to their health and give them a longer life.

So, to Be or Not to Be?

This is a good point to consider while writing an argumentative essay. The answer is very tricky so each person must find it on their own. This decision cannot be dictated exclusively by a desire to stand out from the crowd of meat eaters – it should be an internal need. Before you make a choice, you should consider all the pros and cons of vegetarianism.

According to the conservative estimates, every 10th resident of the Earth for some reason does not eat meat. Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that fruits and vegetables are good for health. However, if the body is not receiving the animal protein, it must have something in return. Vegetarianism provides such opportunities.

Reasons to Give It a Try

A vegetarian diet helps to fight obesity, because plant foods contain fewer calories and fat. This diet has a low energy value and causes a feeling of fullness that helps not to gain extra kilos. Moreover, vegetarian diets contain large amounts of fiber. Such food positively affects the intestinal flora. Fruits and vegetables withdraw toxins from the body and stimulates the body's defenses, normalizes metabolism. Vegetarians seldom suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes. Moreover, vegetarian diet contains many vitamins and minerals, including potassium and magnesium, the substances which the human body needs. Besides, preparing vegetable dishes needs less salt, which is harmful to health in large quantities . Vegetable food contains many useful carbohydrates, which are a good source of energy for the body. However, the reason why vegetarians are proud of their status is the thought that after giving up meat, one finds not only health, but also peace of mind. Their slogan "We do not kill" increases self-esteem, raises a person to a higher level of development.

Reasons to Give It Up

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While deciding whether it is appropriate, you should think over rejecting a balanced diet because animal food contains the essential amino acids necessary for the functioning of the human body. Their deficiency can lead to vision loss and other health problems. Also, consider body's need for a protein that cannot be completely covered by just the plant food. Moreover, vegetable protein is digested much worse than an animal one. According to the observations of doctors, after 5-7 years of strict vegetarianism people markedly have their level of immunity reduced. Remember that vegetarianism is forbidden for children: for normal growth and development of a child, a body needs meat and fish. Although, vegetarianism cannot be called economical way of eating. The menu should include nuts, raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, pineapples and citrus – all these goodies are not really cheap.

Never start a vegetarian diet abruptly. If your decision to give up meat is strict, let your digestive system get used to it. By the way, "the transition to a green" – an excellent opportunity to acquire a correct eating habits, for example, to split meals. If the principle “we do not kill” for you is not the basic one, it is better to listen to more practical advice because the rational menu is the best invention of mankind.

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