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Format a Short Essay Correctly

How to format a short essay? writers hear this question frequently. In this article, we decided to give an expanded answer to it.

Let us say it at once: demands on how to write and format a short essay are all the same as those of regular academic writing tasks of that type. The length of an essay is the only thing which is different here. Students usually should place a short essay on half of the page vertically.

To format and write a short essay correctly, a student should choose a relevant and interesting topic to reveal. There is no way for you to neglect writing a draft version of an essay.

It is usual for students to get confused when they get a short essay task with a free choice of topics. What to write about? How to reveal the subject well? How to format a short essay to get the highest grade?

To begin, you should try to draft your essay outline. This solution is probably the most effective of all. At any case, it is much better than just procrastinating.


Format short essay


Short Essay Writing

The short essay length, writing manner, and shape dictate its format. The introductory paragraph, the main essay body, and conclusion are still with you when you work on this kind of tasks.

The intro has the length of one paragraph, and the conclusion shouldn't be of a larger volume. But the quantity of sections contained in the main body depends on the short essay topic.

In case of complicated topics, the number of paragraphs will definitely increase as you would need to get some space for maneuvers. The purpose of shortening the essay shouldn’t prevail upon the topic discussion.

When the topic is straight and quite simple (they can be simple, really), it is mostly enough to write one to three paragraphs in the main essay body. Still, once again: to format your short essay correctly, you’d better start with drafting an outline. No matter how many paragraphs are there in your essay; if you fail to reveal the topic, even the perfect format won’t make sense.

Format a Short Essay: Introduction

When touching the topic of short essay formats, there is the need to note one thing: the introductory part of a text is essential because it should serve as an entry point to make the reader interested in reading the whole essay. Choose the topic that is as controversial and arguable as possible in order to engage readers to go on with further discussion.

Catch their attention with the persuasive thesis, and then keep them hooked throughout the whole text. The perfect intro is critical because it defines if the reader will understand the topic and reveals the text structure as well.

Despite the thesis statement should reveal the main thought of the short essay, don’t go in for unnecessary detailing: otherwise, you risk making readers feel tired and bored with the info overload at once.

A perfect way to shape the short essay intro paragraph in a catchy way: include interesting quotes allowing readers to understand the further development of the topic expecting them in the text below.

Format Short Essay Body Paragraphs

The main body is the longest part of an essay making every other format element spin around it. Here you include all facts, pieces of evidence, arguments, views and everything you have to say on the topic. Think about the reader when deciding how to list and structure the data here: let them enjoy reading your text full of smoothness and easily understandable.

Use suitable quotes, names and dates which would assist you in the topic discussion here to show required facts and proofs.

Still, do not forget that every paragraph of the short essay should be connected with other elements logically and transparently. So, use transitions.

If there is a feeling of paragraphs refusing to keep up with the chain of thoughts you have in your mind, work on the draft once again to see potential solutions and other ways you might fail to notice previously.

Paragraph Format in Short Essay

To make readers understand you well, supply them with separated arguments. Divide arguments between paragraphs: one paragraph per each. Such a solution will let you keep the attention focused on proofs without falling out of the overall thought flow.


Short essay


So, making every proof unbiased, direct and original is a critical thing here. Nobody can state there is one algorithm on how to format short essay paragraphs, but our qualified writers can give you some general tips on the topic:

  • Write the main things first: go in for the discussions of the most powerful proofs in the first lines of the short essay body.
  • Use a descending order to show proofs with weaker evidence.
  • Last body lines are for the less strong arguments and their discussion.

A structure of "from strong to weak" arguments allows the reader to get the point better and has a more persuasive effect on their mind.


All the central points should be stated in the body paragraphs. That's true. But don't think your writing is over once the main body is completed. In conclusion, give readers the understandable and short record of all the points used previously. Restate your thesis, sum up the discussion and wrap it all up. Best conclusions are those making the reader analyze what they just found out and learned.

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