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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay Well?

How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay Well?

A conclusion is the final part of an essay and it creates the final impression of a reader from the essay. Thus, you should make sure that your conclusion is:

  • Impressive

In order to impress, you should be a skillful writer. Proper impression is created not only be the sense of information, but also by the way it is structured and presented.

  • Efficient

Your conclusion should concisely cover all the main points of your essay with the intended emphases.

  • Proper

Obviously, there should not be any fake information or minor mistakes, which contradict the conventions of standard written English.

What Should Definitely NOT Be in Your Essay Conclusion

To avoid the common mistakes and not to get the grades deducted due to them, you should better take into account the following things while writing of your conclusion:

  • No New Information

An essay conclusion is a summary by its nature, so it should reflect the main points of your essay, but not add anything new to the essay. If you decide to include any new information to your paper, this will make your conclusion a new body paragraph and there will be no conclusion in your essay at all.

  • No Simple Paraphrasing of the Thesis Statement

Surely, the conclusion will deal with stating, that that task set in the thesis statement has been performed. However, the conclusion writing covers the wider information and should show that your essay is not vain.


  • No Apologizes

There are students, who apologize in case they have not covered the essay issue fully and have avoided some of the points assigned. This is surely not a good idea. Be ready to take the full responsibility for preparation and writing of your essay.


  • No Evidential Materials

This is not the time for illustrations, graphical or statistical materials. Their place is the body part, but definitely not a conclusion.

Process of Writing a Good Conclusion

If you want to learn how to write a conclusion for an essay effectively, you should try to be as objective as it is possible. Try to look at your text as it was written by another person.

1st Step: Read and Analyze

You should read the essay introduction (paying an especial attention to the thesis statement) and check the body part again. Before you proceed to your conclusion, you should clearly understand the main idea of the paper and the general aspects and issues, which were covered. It is important to base your conclusion not on the things you were intended to write about, but on the issues which have been represented within the text.

2nd Step: Why It Is Important

Together with paraphrasing of your thesis statement you should think about the importance of findings. Be ready to emphasize on the freshness and significance of the essay writing result.

3rd Step: The Open End

It will also be a good idea to leave an open end and indicate the aspects and features, which you are going to research in your future papers. Thus, think about what have not been covered. It will be good just to outline the ways, but surely not to start writing of a new essay from the conclusion to this one.

These 3 steps will lead to a successful conclusion writing for sure. However, if you want to get an A grade, you should better consult with an expert.

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