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How to Write an Essay Introduction Qualitatively?

How to Write an Essay Introduction Qualitatively?

An essay is the essential part of every well-structured essay. It is also quite important to start your essay writing well to interest your reader. If the introduction won`t be interesting, your reader will consider the remaining part to be the same boring.

How to Interest Your Reader with a Good Introduction?

The introduction has a several functions. It should:

  • interest the reader;
  • set a tone of essay;
  • show the background of an issue the paper deals with;
  • tell the main topic the author is going to talk about.

In order to represent all these functions, there are a few elements, which your good essay introduction needs to have.

  1. 1.       Writing a Good Hook

They say that reader forms his opinion during the first few seconds of checking the essay. Thus, the first two sentences should better catch the attention of your reader, so he will want to learn more. The first sentences, which catch the attention, are often called “a hook”. The professional writers name a several types of the essay hook:

  1. A.      A Story as a Hook

You can tell a story from your life experience, which deals with the topic of your essay. The story will make your reader feel that this will be the easy and interesting reading. If you choose a story as a hook, make sure it is specific and not a common situation for an every person.

  1. B.      A Statistical Information as a Hook

You can also use some extra big or extra small numbers to impress your reader. After learning some new surprising fact, one will want to learn more about the issue. However, you should select a relevant data and not the results of your research you are going to present in your essay. Also, make sure that the numbers are taken from the reliable source and the source is cited properly.

  1. C.      Ask a Question

If you ask a question on the very beginning, your reader will definitely want to know the answer to it. It is a psychological technique, as the question without an answer leaves an impression of not full information. You can easily start with question of any type, but it should better be of a problematic nature. Also, make sure that you actually give an answer to the question in conclusion.

  1. 2.       Writing a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the necessary element of a good introduction and is usually placed at the end of introduction paragraph. It is a laconic and concise formulation of the topic your essay will deal with. After having written the whole essay, you should make sure that your thesis statement is appropriate and your essay covers the aspect stated under thesis statement. If it is not, you should revise the thesis statement before submission.

Assistance in Writing an Introduction

If you want to impress with your essay for sure, you should better get assisted by a professional writer. He will definitely make sure that your reader will check the whole essay text with interest. There are a few options for you:

  • you can get the essay written from scratch;
  • you can provide us with the body part and get the introduction written for you;
  • you can upload your essay with introduction and ask us to fix the first paragraph and make it more impressive.

Due to our help you will surely learn how to write an essay introduction perfectly!

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