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“Racism”: essay topics, hints and writing techniques.

Even though racism has been discussed actively for more than a century it still remains a sharp topic for disputes and an actual theme for researches. If you have to complete an essay about racism note that there are the certain steps to take. Here is a brief guide for completing your paper about racism.

Step 1. Selecting a type of essay.

  • Consider that a term “essay” is rather broad and typically it is specified in the instructions, which you receive from your instructor.
  • First of all, you have to clarify the amount of pages, which you are expected to complete. This will let you assess if your research should be profound and investigate a number of points, or if you just need to reveal one or two ideas.
  • Secondly, figure out the purpose of your work as it will determine the type of paper you will write. For example, you can choose:
  1. Definition essay: developing your own definition for the notion of racism basing on the researches which were conducted previously.
  2. Argumentation essay: select a particular focus (there can be a number of them when you are writing about racism) and develop your thesis about it. Support it with arguments, which are based on evidence: historical facts, statistic data and real life examples.
  3. Compare and contrast essay: this type of paper pre-supposes that you explain the similar and distinctive features in two subjects that lay under one category. You can compare the regulations of racism in two different countries (the USA and the UK, France and Germany) or within two historical periods.

Step 2. Choosing the topic.

  • If you have an assignment to write a paper about racism you should realize that “racism” is not your topic yet. This issue is, actually, too wide and multi-facet to be discussed in just one student’s essay.
  • Therefore, you should select a particular focus for your paper. This will allow you limiting the scope and explaining few points but profoundly. Also, staying focused on the particular aspect will help you to be specific, concise and avoid discussing general information, which is already known and obvious for readers.

Step 3. Consider the following topics about racism:

  1. Perceived racism.
  2. Racial discrimination among young people.
  3. Racial prejudices in sports.
  4. Racial relationships among students from Asian and European countries.
  5. Color-blind society: a myth or reality?
  6. Does race matter?
  7. Mental health and racism.
  8. Cross cultural experiences in the American colleges.
  9. Do racial prejudices make people suffer?
  10. The roots of racism in the United States of America.
  11. Does American imperialism cause racism?
  12. The social causes of racial discrimination.
  13. Racial discrimination in the Eastern world: does it exist?
  14. Anti-Semitism today: how can it be regulated?
  15. The routes and reasons for anti-Semitism movement in the World War II.
  16. Can nationalism be a cause of discrimination against race?
  17. Comparative analysis of nativism and ethnocentrism.
  18. What is environmental justice and how does it work?
  19. European movement of environmental justice.
  20. Genocide as the results of racial and ethnic discrimination.

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