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How to Write Essay Making It Appropriate According to the Requirements?

How to Write Essay of Certain Type Effectively: Ways for Essays Writing

What Is an Essay?

Everybody has heard about essays. Due to so frequent essay assignments, student think that essays are the common academic papers, not even wondering which its main features are. In fact, an essays main distinguishing feature is the presence of writer`s personal subjective interpretation. The information of any essay is specified through the prism of understanding of the person, who has written it.

Types of Essays

As essays have been assigned with different aims and with different assignment requirements, there have appeared a lot of essay types. Commonly all the essays are divided into 4 main groups. Each of them has the certain peculiarities and methods of writing.

  1. 1.                  A. Type of Essay: A Narrative Essay

It deals with telling a story in terms of essay. The central thing is an action, and the essay is based on the series of actions performed by characters.

B. How to Write a Narrative Essay?

1. Select a Topic for Your Narrative Essay

2. Think about the Stories of Your Life or Imaginary Ones on the Topic

3. Outline the Story Organization

4. Think about the Explanation on How the Story Relates to the Topic

5. Write It Down, Creating the Whole Picture of Event

6. Revise and Proofread the Essay.

2. A. Type of Essay: A Descriptive Essay

It deals with the description of a certain subject in details to create the bright picture in mind of a reader. The central element is a feature of a subject.

B. How to Write a Descriptive Essay:

1. Select a Subject to Descript: This Will Be Your Topic

2. Think about the Features It Has

3. Divide Them According to the Senses They Deal with

4. Outline the Order of Writing

5. Write an Essay Following the Outline

6. Revise and Proofread the Essay.

3. A. Type of Essay: An Expository Essay

This essay deals with the deep investigation of a certain issue or one of its aspects. The main element of an expository essay is a feature, but critically and scientifically evaluated.

B. How to Write an Expository Essay:

1. Select a Topic for Your Essay

2. Find the Sources Dealing with Your Topic and Check Them Attentively

3. Make Sure You Have a Certain Opinion on the Issue

4. Write an Outline Reflecting the Organization of Your Essay

5. Write an Expository Essay Following the Outline and Citing the Sources Used.

6. Revise and Proofread the Essay.

4. A. Type of Essay: An Argumentative Essay

This essay deals mostly with issues, which have different points of view on it. The writer is supposed to support the certain opinion on the problematic topic and argument it well. The key element of such an essay is an argument.

B. How to Write an Argumentative Essay:

1. Select a Problematic Topic

2. Investigate about the Issue and Select a Certain Side.

3. Think about the Appropriate Arguments and Place Them in an Outline

4. Write Your Argumentative Essay According to the Outline.

5. Revise and Proofread the Essay. Make Sure It Is Convincing.

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