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How to Write Satire Essay?

They say writing satire is like running for office. If you appeal only to those who agree with you, you will fail every single time. So, how to write a satire essay? Is there some kind of rules? Does it differ from a usual paper? It is time to figure everything out with the help of professional writers from

To be honest, satire is one of the most misused and wrongly-attributed genres of writing. A lot of people use the banner of satire as a shield to mindlessly insult individuals, opinions or events. You should not blindly cause controversy for the sake of it is not satire either. So, let’s deal with the definition of satire firstly to write a killer essay and not to hurt someone’s feeling accidentally.


Satire essay


What Is Satire?

It is a literary device using humor, sarcasm, and a distortion of reality for the purpose of causing readers to look at reality in a different way. Satire is a lot closer to criticism than to teasing or trolling. It is supposed to exaggerate the worldview of those who agree with you to speak specifically to those who do not. Satire is not a defense for slander or libel. Satire is aiming to correct a problem in society.

Such kind of an essay is a chance to let the humorous, sarcastic side of you come out on the page. It allows you to create a different world for the sake of showing an exaggerated version of the world you live in, sorry for tautology. It uses sarcasm which is a cutting language, intended to mock, deride or inflict pain.

What are the main requirements? 750 words minimum (clarify it with your professor), appropriate and humorous critique. That is all. Satire essay requires and rewards intelligence. You should have the knowledge of the issue at hand in order to get the humor. Once you have understood what exactly you need to write, let’s move on to the next step: how to write a satire essay.

Satire Essay Guide

Step 1. The Planning Sheet for Your Essay

The first step to writing a satire essay and creative argument is finding a rich subject. Think of things you wish you could change about society. Consider policies that you disagree with. Think about attitudes and patterns of behavior that disturb you. Reflect on institutions in need of reform.

We will help you by presenting a standard writing prompt for an essay. “Human weakness plagues us all, and, by extension, our society as a whole. Consider the many kinds of human weakness and folly, and write satire essay in which you examine one particular weakness or folly and its consequences.” Think of a social problem you know something about and interested in (poverty, unemployment, health care, high fuel costs). You can describe the things that bother you as a citizen. Write all the topics down.

For instance, if you are a person from upstate New York who has just you moved to Maryland, you could not help but notice how everyone freaks out about the weather. They clear the bread aisle and bring up all the milk in the store when they think it is going to be snowing. Another example of the rich topic for satire essay is how moms are competitive about their children’s performance. All of them think “my kid has to be the best.”

Find something you know a lot about, and you think is absolutely messed up. It may be a personal thing. Jot down all the topics for your essay and ask the following questions: What human vice or folly is represented in each item on your list? Which do you regard with the most contempt? Which subjects offer you the richest opportunities as a writer? Choose one. This is your problem to solve, the subject of your satire.

Step 2. Present the Problem in The Essay


Writing satire essay


Give the reader background information and describe an outlandish solution being serious the whole time. The seriousness is the key to the effectiveness of your satire. You present the solution that is ridiculous almost ludicrous, but you say it so seriously that it brings across the humor and the gravity of the whole satire essay.

Know the target of your satire essay. For the examples mentioned above, it will be an insane fear and hype or competitive spirit, which is unhealthy.

Now, write a satire essay in which you adopt a person who voices the opinion that is the opposite of what you actually believe. Use that voice to mock the opposition and make your audience see its flawed thinking. Use “SOAPSTOne” technique to clarify your thinking. What does this abbreviation mean? “S” stands for “Subject” (what is the issue you are addressing?), “O” stands for “Occasion” (What prompted this satire essay? Detail the real or imagined context), “A” stands for “Audience” (To whom are you speaking? Who needs to hear the message?)

“P” stands for “Purpose”. But your purpose will never be stated in the satire essay. Remember, it is implied, it is not stated. Think of Greg Hampikian and his piece “When may I shoot a student?”. He has never made his argument directly by saying “Guns are unsafe on campus”. Instead, it was the implied message behind his satire. When he adopted that persona of the gun-loving enthusiast, it allowed him to speak comically about guns.

That is what you want to do too. You want to assume the persona of somebody other than yourself for comedy. So, “S” stands for “Speaker” (detail the persona that you assume in this work of satire). Finally, you will have a certain “Tone” on the surface (what is the attitude of your adopted persona towards the subject? What is your actual attitude towards the topic?)

Step 3. Structure Satire Essay

How do you structure your satire essay? You should imitate a specific style. It can be a letter to a person in power or a community or newspaper article. It may look like this, “Dear editor, I just wanted to express my admiration for how you all handled the most recent snowstorm. The three flakes of snow that fell from the sky were really dangerous. And I really appreciate the two hours of news coverage that you gave it this morning”. You can find the writer’s voice as you parody a letter, journal entry, newscast, speech.

Quick and Helpful Tips on Writing Satire Essay

  • Use irony by saying the opposite of what you really mean.
  • Adopt a manner of speaking which does not fit the subject matter.
  • Write an absurd solution to the problem you are criticizing. Make your proposed solution a great exaggeration
  • Make your adopted persona naïve. Focus on irrelevant details, and offer solutions that miss the important issues.
  • Include specific details, not abstract ones. This is a great opportunity for humor.
  • Do not forget to keep school or college policies in mind when planning your essay.
  • Speak in such a way that you make yourself guilty of the very thing you are criticizing.
  • Use hyperbole, sarcasm, humor, and elements of the absurd as techniques in order to make its point.
  • Do your research and get as much accurate information as you can about the subject matter. Be knowledgeable about your topic, people, and point of view involved. This will allow you to form a stronger opinion and express it more clearly. Know the message or point of view you want to convey, and then plan your essay so that you successfully deliver that message to your audience.
  • Limit your use of invectives or harsh reductions. Remember, the point of satire is not to offend but to bring about awareness of the social issue.

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