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What is a Personal Essay?

Students who get a personal essay task for the first time feel confused because they used to think that each text they complete and bring to their professor is a personal essay writing task. Nevertheless, things are more complicated, and students should be able to distinguish a narrative or comparative essay from that called personal if they want to get the best grades.


Personal essay


Personal Essay Tips

The term “personal essay” contains all you need to know about it. A personal essay is a written task aiming to tell a personal story to readers. It may either be related to your real-life case or a personal thought on a certain topic given by the professor.

Do not forget that a personal essay is a perfect instrument to cause certain effects on readers. This kind of writing may become both depressive and inspiring, so it is you responsible for the text and its sense entirely.

Cheap essay writers mention inevitable mistakes students often make when writing personal essays. As a result, such students don't get their best grades and don't reach levels they could. 

Mistakes on Personal Essay

Check the list of frequent mistakes below and make sure you don’t make them when writing your personal essay.

No Personal Essay Organization

It is much easier to write a personal essay when comparing it to a research paper or coursework writing, but this fact doesn't mean you should not care about the proper text organization. Create a list with points you would like to mention and discuss in a personal essay. It is the simplest way to save a lot of time and energy during the writing process itself.

Uninteresting Topic

It may surprise you, but a personal essay success severely depends on the chosen subject and the point you want to show. Check if the story you tell has meaning and is able to engage readers. Make sure it is contemporary and interesting to your audience. The best way is to choose some hot topic and mix it up with real-life experience cases you have had.

Structure Absence

The typical essay writing template should be followed in personal essays too. In case you ignore that rule, there is a risk of losing the sense of your story. Make your essay logical by thinking over parts which should be included in it in advance.

No Lesson

A personal essay is a text which is supposed to show some moral to the audience. Your mission is not only to tell some story but to show how it influenced you and what the reader can take from it.

Wrong Choice of Words

The language is quite free when writing personal essays, but it is still recommended to avoid clichés and slang words, as well as any expressions having potential possibilities to weaken the text significantly.

Personal Essay Structure

Knowledge about the standard structure of the personal essay is necessary in case you need to understand its nature. A usual text of this type consists of an intro, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


It is perfect to begin writing a personal essay with a short intro. Mention the goal you set for the story, explain the view on the subject you have, and try to show the reader what they will receive after finishing the text reading. In this paragraph, try to turn your thesis statement into a hook which will catch the reader's attention.

Main Body

The number of paragraphs in the main body is flexible: it depends on the number of problems you plan to mention and discuss. Begin each part of the main body with the statement phrase, and provide it with grounding arguments and details after. In case there are no special instructions, include 3 to 5 points in your essay and don’t go in for more. Otherwise, you risk turning your personal essay into a long boring text.


To finish the essay, summarize all the facts discussed before, and make some future forecasts. Avoid adding new data here. The conclusion serves only to sum up the personal essay.


Personal essay writing


Personal Essay Format

The perfect way to find out about the personal essay and how to begin it is to get a clear view of the main points typical for this kind of an academic task.

At first, ask the teacher about the formatting requirements. Those may differ in various colleges or universities, so things here mainly depend on the establishment and the group you study in.

As a rule, the shape of a personal essay is not too tricky. It also does not usually want students to use specific sizes and fonts or to keep up with other rules. The reference list is not present here as well, so the only point to keep in mind is that the text should be tidy, clean, and easy to read it.

Professional writers also recommend keeping the following things in mind while you are writing a personal essay:

  • Choose a significant point. The audience doesn't want to read about your regular days, so a topic of your essay should be unique: arising inner conflicts, changing your worldview, your personality, or causing a severe impact on the world around you.
  • Hook the audience with the intriguing first sentence. Use a suitable quote, a question, a joke, or a short intro describing the case you want to show. Avoid giving tiny details at once if you need readers to make it through the whole text with interest.
  • Your point of view is the matter. A temptation to use online examples or other people’s stories may be strong. But a personal essay is all about you, your ideas and experience, so use them.  
  • Process characters. Creating of a maximally exciting and informative personal essay needs you to characterize each hero of the story thoroughly.
  • Have a plan. A plan will let you stick to what you want to say and keep up with the structure we discussed above.
  • Don’t be afraid to use literature instruments: repetitions, personifications, hyperbolas, metaphors, etc. These tools make your text more diverse and strengthen the story itself.
  • Read the text aloud (more than once). It is a simple and obvious way to locate weaknesses in a personal essay and to fix them before handing in the paper to the professor.
  • Ask a relative or a friend to proofread the text or use some grammar correction software to get rid of mistakes. Do not treat typos negligibly.

That’s it. If you follow these professional recommendations, your personal essay will be a true masterpiece.

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