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Benefit from the Unusual Courses

There are some courses that are interesting just because they are unusual. Check what special things you can try to learn!

Get your Master’s degree in… “Beatles”!

Yes, it is not a joke! You can not only learn everything about the history of this amazing band, but also find out how it has influenced culture, industries, people, and our today’s lives in general. The program was founded in 2009, and at this moment there are twelve students taking the course with the name “Beatles and pop music in our society”. How do you think, what city do you have to go to learn all about the Beatles and their influence? A small hint – it starts with “Live” and ends with “pool”!


The art of packaging

It is not a surprise that nowadays almost anything can become a piece of art, even the packaging. In one of the universities in Wisconsin you can get a degree in packing the boxes. Here you can learn all about the ways of creating the most beautiful, ecological, practical and cheap packaging for any product. When you first hear about this specialty, it might seem absolutely useless. But the research shows that it is very easy for the graduates of this program to find a job and 95% of them are employed with an average annual income of fifty one thousand dollars. The graduates are more than welcomed in such companies as Tools, Frito-Lay, Kohler, Snap-on and FedEx.

The school of magic

The interest to this place has grown rapidly after books and films about Harry Potter were introduced to the world. The headmaster looks like a real magician, he wears a long white beard, a cloak, and always carries a magic wand with him, even when he goes shopping. His wife, meanwhile, considers herself to be a witch. Their Academy of magic is the only place of that kind that has been registered and is considered to be an official academic institution. It is an internet-college where you can take such courses, as spells, alchemy, animals’ languages, or work with the magic wand. There are more than 700 students in this place, and among the plans of its headmaster is buying a castle in the state of Montana for establishing his Academy there.

The art of selfies

Making photos of yourself and posting them in the Internet is one the most popular things among the people from all over the world. Everyone does it – students, teachers, singers, grandmas, movie stars. You may think that you know how to do that, but there are the ways to do it in the right way, and one of the colleges in London is ready to teach you the art of selfie. After finishing this course you become a qualified selfie-maker and are able to explain to enyone, who has any doubts, why selfie-making is a real art nowadays.


Growing medical marihuana

Even though growing and using marihuana is not allowed in most of the places, there is no doubt that it can be helpful for many people with different health problems. You can take this course in the Oaksterdam University, located in the city of Oakland in California, where usage of marihuana for medical purposes is legalized. If you take this course you will be able to study the history of this plant, all about its growing and the legal aspects concerning its medical use.

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