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“Nature” Essay topics: Find the One for You

As natural sciences is a very broad notion including a number of subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and Earth sciences the topic of the essay “nature”, obviously, needs specification. In most cases, the students are either supposed to describe the beauty of nature, landscape or natural setting, or state their position regarding some issue connected with nature, such as natural resources, natural disasters, ecological problems and so on.

Topics about ecology

  • The differences between autecology and synecology.
  • Typology of ecosystems.
  • The delimitations of ecosystems: soil, altitude, climate and water characteristics.
  • Types of climax communities.
  • Can climatic stability be ensured for long time periods?
  • Basic principles of ecosystem structure.
  • What is global citizenship?
  • Are humans to blame for ecological disasters?
  • Environmental justice.
  • Ecological justice.

Topics on urban ecology.

  • The interrelation of economic development and urban sustainability.
  • Relations of urban ecosystems with environment.
  • Sociological patterns in urban ecology.
  • How does urban ecology explain the phenomena of urban growth?
  • Urban ecosystem’s influence on other communities.
  • Should cities be green?
  • Human environment in a city.
  • Flooding as one of the urban ecology issues.

Topics about endangered species.

  • What are the causes of species endangering?
  • Poisoning, hunting and trapping as methods of endangering species.
  • Acid rains destroying fish habitats.
  • Insecticide’s influence on bird population.
  • How does drainage harm animals?
  • The ways to protect endangered species.
  • Laws regulating species protection.
  • Why is protection of species becoming politicized?
  • The laws against pollution.
  • Reasons for global species extinction.
  • How can we “green” our world?

Topics about biodiversity.

  • The definition of biodiversity.
  • Biodiversity of forest regions.
  • Which factors are effecting the biodiversity?
  • Threats to biodiversity.
  • Explanation to the conflict of biodiversity and the growth of human population.
  • How can we shape our culture by making nature?
  • The global context of biodiversity planting.
  • Can biodiversity be considered as human heritage on the Earth?
  • The effects of biotechnology growth.
  • How to conserve biodiversity?
  • Dynamical characteristics of biodiversity.
  • What is an agrodiversity?

Topics about environmental ethics.

  • How to be a human in relations with environment?
  • Globalized world and environmental values.
  • How do we show our respect to nature that surrounds us?
  • Environmental ethics and sustainability.
  • Theological influences on environmental ethics.
  • Ethics of climate.
  • What is ecological theology?
  • Is environmental ethics grounded in theology and why?

Topics about natural disasters.

  • Natural disaster history in the United States.
  • Greatest risks brought by earthquakes.
  • Volcanos eruptions and tsunamis.
  • Risk reduction of natural disasters.
  • How to lessen the risks of natural disasters?
  • How to be less vulnerable to natural catastrophes?
  • Are risks of natural catastrophes increasing in the globalized world?
  • How can weather harm our health and lives?
  • Natural disaster emergency management.
  • Diminishing resources era: how do we manage natural disasters?
  • The importance of natural catastrophes emergency planning.



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