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“Patriotism”: Definition, Essay Topics and Prompts

The concept of patriotism has started attracting special interest during recent decades. Usually it is defined as a feeling of love to someone’s country although it has different connotations and is linked with a number of other notions. In case your task is to write an essay about patriotism or any other history homework, you may select among a range of paper types, such as definition, argumentative, historical, explication.

Definition Essay About Patriotism

  • As it was noted, patriotism, according to dictionary definitions, is a special feeling or love to the country one belongs to.
  • Additionally, it is connected with the notion of national identification. One can have patriotic affection to the country or place in which he was born or lived.
  • The concept of patriotism, in its core, is linked with the national heritage, which is given by parents and grandparents to the person.
  • One of the patriotism components is a desire to take care and protect the homeland, being concern about its prosperity and safety.
  • The highest point of the patriotic feeling is sacrificing one’s efforts and interests for the sake of the country.
  • A real patriot usually takes care of his or her compatriots’ well-being and prosperity.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Patriotism

  • Usually patriotism is compared to the notion of nationalism as they are rather close in their meaning but still have principle distinctive features.
  • Sometimes people use these two terms as synonyms, which is actually a mistake due to essential differences existing in their meaning.
  • One of the best explanations of the two concepts was given by George Orwell. Patriotism and nationalism are opposed as defensive and aggressive behaviors.
  • Nationalism can be defined as a desire of prestige and power for a certain nation.
  • Patriotism is being devoted to homeland without the willingness of adhering as much power as possible. It is more about defending the homeland and considering the life in is as the best of possible ways.

Argumentative Essay About Patriotism

  • If your task is to complete an argumentative paper about patriotism you should select a controversial issue or question dealing with this topic.
  • In this context, you may compare the feeling of patriotism and cosmopolitanism. This is how you will be able to find out the real sense of each and figure out which one is more useful and can bring success to an individual, specifically, and a country, in general.
  • Another question to discuss is the ethical beliefs connected with patriotism. Here you can try to clarify the reason why one loves or should love his country and which features it should possess in order for one to be loyal to it. In this case, you may note that, ideally, patriots love their homelands not only for good but for even negative qualities and do their best in order for their country to benefit and improve the life of the compatriots.
  • Often patriotic feeling is considered to be natural and one of the moral values which are mandatory for the person. Mainly, it is a positive tendency but may attain some negative results as stereotyping.

Some Fresh Ideas for You to Use. For Free

Young Patriots

Regardless of your essay type, you can easily insert something interesting and original into your writing until keeping your fantasy and creativity within reasonable bounds. The good news is that if your general topic is patriotism, you can apply to very different means to illustrate your views on or attitudes towards it, and all of them will work equally well. Still, you should certainly pay attention to how appropriate it may be to use this or that example or figure of speech, so that your readers could understand what you want to say and accept your opinion.

Below there are a few tips for your A+ writing which can prevent your essay from seeming too dry or, on the contrary, too romantic and desultory. What you need is golden mean, definitely. So, let’s see how you can stick to it in your essay.

Idea #1: Appeal to History to Help Yourself

Well, it is undoubtedly true that the world’s history stores the best illustrations of patriotism as it is. So, if you are looking for a model of worthy patriot, do not hesitate to open a textbook in History of America, or of Europe, or of any other region, country and nation. Brief description of the life and great deeds of a prominent American man, Benjamin Franklin, can be that very puzzle which would perfectly complete your paper.

Idea #2: Look for Inspiration in Works of Literature

Love of Motherland, sincere striving to protect it from dangers and to work for its welfare as well as the dream of the common good are those features which can help you select the best and brightest image of true patriot from prominent works of world literature. Despite the fact that the particular character of this or that novel or poem is actually fictional, still it can be considered as an embodiment of a writer’s idea of patriotism, therefore reflecting that of his or her contemporaries. So, you can choose from the wide range of great American novels among which there are such books as “The Red Badge of Courage”, “Gone with the Wind” and “Run Silent, Run Deep”.

Idea #3: Take the Examples from Our Everyday Life

That is probably the easiest way you can go. However, do not invent the story of a non-existent patriot who lives in your neighborhood. You would better ask your grandparents to tell you about those great people whom they know personally but who will never appear in any history book. Or, if you have a friend who volunteers for some patriotic organization why not write about him or her? Names are not necessary. Tell more what these people did and think about the reasons for their deeds.

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