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Pro con essay topics

If you look deeply at any subject, process, issue or event, you will, see the advantages and disadvantages of it. In order to distinguish the positive and negative sides you are to conduct at least a small research, analyze the issue and look at it from different facets. Not all the topics are suitable for the pro con essay. Basically, your topic need to state a certain issue or a problematic question, which can have two possible answers. No one will argue on some psychical laws, but people are usually having discussions on some modern events in the world. Your task is to formulate the topic in the way it has two opposite answers.

Yes or now

Good Pro Con Essay Topics: Suggestions

Pro con essays can be written on any academic subject. Look what subject you have got an assignment on and check the following list accordingly.

  1. Topics about Education.
    • Should we learn foreign languages?
    • Pros and cons of learning foreign language in early age.
    • Effects of grading at schools.
    • Should primary schools have grades?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of single-sex education.
    • Wearing school uniforms: positive and negative sides.
    • Should religious studies be included into the high school curriculum?
    • Should students choose subjects to study?
    • Should we have compulsory subjects to study at schools and colleges?
    • Getting higher education: is it necessary for everyone?
    • Should students take a break after graduating from high school?
    • Working and studying.
    • Should schools provide students with free lunches?
    • Pros and cons of starting lessons in the morning.
    • Evening schools.
    • Censorship at schools: should it take place?
    • Paying tuition for college: should education be free of charge?
    • Scientific work in college: is it necessary?
    • Setting standards in education.
    • Mandatory science education: advantages and disadvantages.
    • Should we have psychology course in high school curriculum?
    • Fine arts in schools: are they necessary for everyone?
    • Should music be a compulsory subject?
    • Do all the students need to learn foreign language at school?
    • Positive and negative sides of studying 5 days per week.
    • Should homework be mandatory?
  2. Health Care Pro and Con Topics.
    • Prohibiting junk food: pros and cons.
    • Should schools advertise healthy eating?
    • Debates about plastic surgery.
    • Should we change our appearance with the help of plastic surgery?
    • Pros and cons of health care privatization.
    • Pros and cons of marijuana legalization.
    • Alcohol abuse: would its prohibition solve the problem?
    • Pros and cons of antibiotics usage.
    • Tradition and alternative medicine.
    • Positives and negatives of alternative medicine.
    • Selling organs.
    • Are electronic cigarettes safe for health?
    • Harm and use of nicotine.
    • Pros and cons of caffeine.
    • Every day exercising: for and against.
    • Using drugs in sport.
    • Ethics issues of abortion.
    • Pros and cons of birth control.
    • Birth control dangers.

    Plastic surgery

  3. Media topics.
    • Dangers and favors of mass media influence.
    • Biased media: pros and cons.
    • Do all of us want to have unbiased media?
    • Censorship in media.
    • Print media versus television.
    • News objectiveness.
    • Should social media be censored?
    • Censorship and freedom of speech.
    • Should we have age limitations for using social networks?
    • 3D Television: pros and cons.
    • Free content in the internet.
    • Should music be free in the Internet?
    • Accessibility of information in social media.
    • Privacy issues in the social media.

Assistance with Pro Con Essay

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