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Topic for descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is one of the writing genres that requires the student to describe the subject. At first glance, this task does not seem too difficult when you have the subject and just need to write how it looks like. However, there is a secret of a good description – you should not only tell how the subject looks but also explain how it smells, tastes, sounds and makes you feel. Therefore, you must use various means in order to reveal your personal perception of the subject and share it with the reader. The second component of description’s secret is selecting a proper topic for it. Here is the list of descriptive topics that you can choose among.

Selecting a topic.

Tip for writing: When you are choosing the topic for writing you must assure about several points:

  • You should be familiar with the topic: make sure that you have come across the issue which you are going to describe as it is the only way to express your feelings about it.
  • The subject has to be complex enough for description. In other words, you must be able to find enough features to describe. When the subject is too plain it will be more difficult to find various characteristic of it.

Topics’ list for descriptive essay.

  1. A person respected by you.
  2. Someone you want to be alike.
  3. Prominent politician
  4. A celebrity that you adore.
  5. Your neighbor.
  6. Your group mate.
  7.  A perfect room mate
  8. The most creative artist nowadays.
  9. The person who you can trust.
  10. The most annoying person you have ever met.
  11. Your relative or family member.
  12. The perfect wife/husband.
  13. Your favorite teacher at high school.
  14. The teacher who motivates you to learning his or her subject.
  15. The place which you will never forget.
  16. The significant historical place, which you have visited recently.
  17. The place you used to visit often in your childhood.
  18. Your hometown.
  19. Your favorite place to spend time with friends.
  20. The theater / opera / museum that you have been to.
  21. The best place to study.
  22. The weirdest place you have ever seen.
  23. The most convenient place to have rest.
  24. Your favorite café to have lunch.
  25. A coffee shop.
  26. The most exotic place that you have been to.
  27. Your perfect apartment.
  28. The ideal house.
  29. An exhibition of contemporary art.
  30. The book that changed your life.
  31. The film which you like to watch numerous times.
  32. A painting that impressed you.
  33. A book which inspires you.
  34. A meal which you like to cook.
  35. The best vacation.
  36. The worst nightmare.
  37. How do you imagine your life in 30 years?
  38. One day from your daily life.
  39. The day which you will never forget.
  40. Learning foreign language.
  41. One day in an unfamiliar city.
  42. Your most important achievement.
  43. A concert that you visited.
  44. Your first public speech.
  45. Winning a lottery.
  46. The process of applying to college.
  47. How do you see future life in 100 years?

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